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So, I was in the Asia Market getting some squid when I came across 'Vietnamese Scampi' in the freezer. I couldn't resist because of the size of them (that's not a pic of me, but that's about how big they are)

My conundrum is now how to cook them. I have no problem eating them without sauces, creams or anything (it's my favoured way to eat seafood), but I don't know how long to cook them for. They're currently frozen so should I thaw them before cooking?

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I think they are called Macrobrachium Rosenbergii , Giant freshwater prawns.
I would thaw them, Up to you whether you steam or fry them.
They need a little kick being freshwater crustaceans so salt and chilli would be on my list

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kylith said:
I don't know how long to cook them for.

That's actually very easy. Once thawed, boil them and see them slowly turn pink. Once pink, they're done.

This recipe looks nice

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