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I hope someone can help me out with this question, is two hours fifteen minutes enough time for flight transfer in Heathrow?

Some details I am flying from Dublin with Aer Lingus, landing early Friday morning in T1, my next flight is with BA from T5, if everything is on time I have two hours fifteen minutes from touchdown to takeoff. I booked the flight independently so my bag will not be checked through.

Is it realistic to disembark, clear customs, collect my bag then check in and make the flight in that amount of time?.

I would appreciate any advice, thanks.

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Hi Travel_chap,

You should have plenty of time in two hours and a bit, I'm doing the same thing though in reverse on Tuesday (and I'm not flying with BA). I've done it before too with only an hour and ten mins, flight from Dublin was half an hour late arriving and I still made it, checking bag and all, though it was cutting it tight I'll admit. Basically, should be plenty of time. Just watch out for signage, I found it quite bad (a year ago mind, may be better now) and easy to take a wrong turn.

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Heathrow is a dog of an airport. The bags not being checked straight thru is a bummer, you should be fine but T1 to T5 is a trek and you will need to do it at a pace.

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You should have time enough but do not stop off anywhere along the way for coffee or shopping; wait until you have safely arrived in T5.

I have done this three times now in the last year and the shortest time between T1 and T5 I was ever able to do was 1 hour. My bags were always checked through though.

You need to go through 2 security checks, one in T1 and T5 and Heathrow is paranoid central so these progress really slow. BA flights also close very early I have found, well before the announced gate closing time.

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It's quicker not to go through flight connection at T1 but instead exit to T1 arrivals hall and then take the train to T5. It avoids one of the multiple security checks within flight Connections

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Just for information, if you try to book a through flight with BA that requires a transfer between T1 and T5 where the transfer time is less than 2 hours they will not allow you to book it. If you look on the Heathrow Airport website they give the recommended transfer times between the terminals.


Hanlor said:
It's quicker not to go through flight connection at T1 but instead exit to T1 arrivals hall and then take the train to T5. It avoids one of the multiple security checks within flight Connections
Listen to this,he speaks the truth!

Make sure you have checked in on line for your separate BA T5 flight as all you have to do then is go to bag drop in T5 or if it's hand luggage only,then straight to security.
Exit the T1 bag carousel area into arrivals and take the lift to the heathrow express.When you get out of that lift,then go along the long coridoor,watching the displays as to which of the 2 platforms has the next train to T5,it's free.
ASK someone if not sure.
Take the heathrow express then to T5 which takes less than 10 minutes,take the escalators or the lift to T5 departures and go directly to security or the bag drop desks.
There are many many desks that will do.

There is a very strict 35min deadline at security for to be allowed to board your flight-EVEN if you are checked in so don't dilly dally.
There are plenty of eating and shopping options past security.

I recommend plane food,they usually guarantee to have you out of there in 25mins if you have the time.

If you are at one of the satellite gates at T5,you must allow another 20 mins to get the shuttle train to your gate.
Don't worry this is possible and doable as you are past security at that stage and in practice,it should only take you 10 mins.

In summary If your flight is on time,you have more than enough time to get to T5 and onto your BA flight.An hour is enough but tight actually so 2 hrs is plenty!

A word of warning though...if your EI flight is late,you will not be rebooked onto a new BA flight without paying [if it's a cheapo non flexible ticket you have]
Booking as one pnr one booking,the 2 flights together would ensure a free rebook.
So the only snag you might have and it's a serious snag,is if your aerlingus flight is more that say an hour and 15 mins late.
If it's an hour late,I'd be running!
Do not dilly dally and take the above option.

A good travel insurance policy will cover the cost for you if you miss an onward separate booking due to the first one being late.
So keep all evidence!

Edit -just to add...If you find you are in a rush [say EI is a half hour or 50 mins late] do all of the above but when you get to T5,don't hesitate to queue jump at bag drop or security shouting that you are late for your flight.
People will generally let you go ahead of them
I've seen it many times,it's a kind of queue ettiquette at airports to let you through in those circumstances.
So if that happens,be pushy,if it means getting on your flight and saving you the cost of rebooking!

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