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First off I'm not sure what to ask for this rifle, so any feedback would be appreciated.
The details of the rifle are:
Approx 3.5 years old.
Approx 3k rounds thru it to date.
Its in pristine condition.
Brooks trigger kit fitted,no creep,trigger weight set to 2lbs.
Scope is a BSA Platinum 8-36 x 44 (unsure of reticle)
Low mounts.
5 shot mag.

Reason for selling is it gets very little use at the moment.
Any other queries just drop me a line.

PS. Will get some photos up over the wkend if there is any interest.

kay 9 Registered User

When you work out a price, pm me, know someone looking for a 22lr.

BountyHunter Registered User

Sorry Kay 9 this has been sold to a person known to me outside of "Boards"

Thanks for your interest.


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kay 9 Registered User

No prob Thanks for lettin me know anyway.

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