I find new Google images is absolutly terrible! Is there any alternative, or can you switch to the old google images? I sort of like using the normal internet browser, so I want to avoid an app just to look for searching for images.

Also, the browsers loading bar which shows the web address is always at the top of the page, this is really annoying because it always blocks the links along the top. Anyone know a way to switch it to the bottom?


there's an option down the bottom of the page you can switch to the old version. it doesn't seem to save it as the default option though and when you click on a pic you're still stuck with the new nonsense.

bing brought this out a while back and i really hoped google wouldn't follow.

it's ****e imo.


it gives you too many preview pics on one page and doesn't even give you the full image in the preview! Scrolling in or out on the results page just makes the browser struggle so bad you have to click back. The old google images was simple, but worked. This one is trying to be too clever.

TheDoc Registered User

The new image page seems tailored to mobile, it is tremendous viewing on my desire, much better then the older version.

up them Schteps Registered User

Its brilliant on the iPhone too, just swipe for the next pic. Nice move by Google!


Hold on, i'm guessing yous are using this:
Mine is like the new google web image search, and the phone goes mental when you use it! How do I get google image search like in the above video?

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