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bk said:
Since when did 7pm become the new off peak, it use to always be 6 .

February 2011
The start time for making cheaper off-peak calls will also change from 6pm to 7pm for most customers. The peak call window will widen to between 7am and 7pm from Monday to Friday.


I assume as the main network provider, all other telcos must change accordingly.

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Mountjoy Mugger said:
They deduct the amount pre VAT. I've done the sums.

Freetime World Local & National 1 07/03/12−06/04/12 −0.48 −0.48
Total for Telephony −0.48 −0.48

Billing part....
Total for 011234567 3 00:27:43 0.48 0.59
Total for Usage 0.59

It's sweet f all in reality, but it's the fact that they're charging VAT that pees me off. I did ring them up. They're "looking at it".

The same happened a user a few years ago, according to a boards search - but on international calls.

EDIT: Not a BB issue, apologies for the OT post.

Let's say you made €50 of calls covered on the package and your bill was supposed to be €45.50, are you saying the VAT figure on the free calls would push it beyond the €45.50 bundle price?

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They credited me for the pre VAT amount, and then charged me the difference.

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