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I see a number of the programs (especially Entourage) in this board section are currently running in America.

I have Sky + at home.

How can I watch HBO or other US channels in Ireland?
What kit / subscription etc do I need?




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you cant, its not possible. even if you get one of those enormous satelite dishes you still cant because of something to do with it beang so far away or across the atlantic. the only way is to get either somebody you know in the US or a company over there to get a special box and relay and send it to you (through the internet i think), but the cost is ridiculous (as you need to pay for the subscribtion and a large fee to the company). there may be a few websites that stream them too, i know that a program called tvu player can stream some of them, but not in great quality).

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I'm sure you will get torrents of advice here about how to do this.


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you can't. people here download/stream shows off the internet but we can't say where as boards would get in trouble for the sharing of copyrighted material, which is illegal. we aren't allowed say where we get them but we still are able to discuss the tv show itself.

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Sorry.. this type of information can not be divulged on this forum, or any others on I would imagine.


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