We're opening our brand new combined Currys & PC World in Airside Retail Park in Swords on this Friday 20th. This is the second one we've opened in Dublin in the past few weeks after Blanchardstown, where we've had a great reaction.

The new unit is where the old PC World used to be. Any of you familiar with that store will see something very different. It will be on two levels, with the ground floor seeing a far greater density of product that puts a lot more choice into the store, with a mezzanine level upstairs for all the Currys appliances.

It opens on Friday and we'll let the new team have a quiet first day to settle in. But I'd like to have them busy on Saturday.

So anyone printing off this thread and bringing it in, or showing it in store on their phone or Ipad or whatever, gets 10 % off whatever they buy on this Saturday 21st. Simple as that. the only exclusions are Miele and Apple, so sorry nothing off the Ipad. And Miele appliances will last you about 30 years anyway if you're nice to them.

Keep on eye out for this week's advertising. We're putting our best foot forward for the back to school season with a top brand laptop deal at a very aggressive price. Take 10 % off that and it's a steal.

expectationlost Registered User

pcworld going to open at airside today, what time it open at? no info on your website


Opens on Friday at 10.00. Don't go near it today or tomorrow. We're still feverishly getting it all together

expectationlost Registered User

Currys: Declan said:
Opens on Friday at 10.00. Don't go near it today or tomorrow. We're still feverishly getting it all together

u mean it (was) closed.


It's been closed for the last 6 weeks. The entire inside of the store has been changed. A mezzanine floor has been put in to handle domestic applicances which covers half the total floor area. If you're familiar at all with the store you won't recognise it at all. There was no way we could have kept it open while we were doing the work.

Celt1 Registered User

Looking for new TV. If I see one in PC World in Waterford at a particular price, will that TV be the same price in Currys Airside on Saturday, less the 10% discount. Any info appreciated.


Yes, unless it's a clearance model. They'll be able to look at availability in Airside in Waterford. I'm sure they'd prefer that you spend your money in the store. But you're a customer and cusotmers always go where the value is ! You will find a much bigger range of large TV's , about 100 or so in Airside.

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dionsiseire Registered User

Any advanced heads up on potential deals, Potentially looking for a new laptop, might head over if i know of some good deals that will be there



HP G61-410SA Celeron Dual Core, 320 GB, 3GB, 15.6" with webcam . It's € 480 so take 10 % off that. Think that's this week's bargain in laptops

If you fancy going up a bit, there's the Dell N5010. i3 processor, also 320 GB and 3GB, again with webcam. That's € 630 so € 567 in Airside for the day.

Hopefully something for you in those two

Fnz Registered User

Don't have a printer, or an internet device to take with me, so I guess won't waste my time?

wait4me Registered User

What are the opening hours in Airside? thanks


It's 10.00 until 8 normally, until 6 on a Saturday and 12-6 on a Sunday

powerxtreme Registered User

Is there a contact number available for the store directly?
I am looking for a particular laptop and was told the only ones in stock were Currys in Airside. Want to confirm before heading there tomorrow

pumbah Registered User

Hi Declan,
I'm also looking for a particular laptop: SONY Vaio VPCF11J0E/H. Can you let me know if it's going to be available in Airside on Saturday and the price please?



Sorry guys I've been out of commission all day. Powerxtreme, can you let me know what you're after ? There's a range of 60 + in the store, hopefully what you want is there. i'll check the VAIO and post back before 12 tomorrow

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