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hi all
Im with meteor and my contract is up soon. I currently have a nokia 5230, which i got bored with after a month of buying.
Basically, Im due an upgrade and dont know enough about the htc or iphone to choose. (thinking of switching to o2 for the iphone but the plan isnt half as good value as with meteor and the htc)
Im not tech-mad or anything but i have found the 5230 quite boring (having said that - internet costs a fortune on the contract i have, so i havent been using it)
Ive heard the iphone is amazing but the HTC desire is better??
Also, ive heard the apps are crap with the htc and the camera and loudspeaker are terrible?
But ive heard the htc is faster!
any advice would be appreciated!

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I've been mulling it over for a while now and I'm leaning towards the iPhone myself. The big issue for me with Android is cross compatibility. Depending on the handset you buy certain apps may not work with it. At least with iPhone when there's a software update everyone gets it at the same time and you know it's going to work and that your apps will work.
You can't beat the Apple app store for choice - Paid apps in Android Market are still not available in Ireland which is ridiculous.
Camera is as good on iPhone 4 by all accounts plus there's no HD video on the Desire. There's also the front facing camera.
The Desire's screen can be hard to view in daylight - newer ones will have a Super LCD screen instead of AMOLED I'm not sure if this will be any better.
Flash isn't an issue for me I can live without it.

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At the risk of stating something you know, or aren't bothered by, the Desire HD reportedly comes in Oct.

Availability on Irish Networks, not sure how soon.

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eamon234 said:

Camera is as good on iPhone 4 by all accounts plus there's no HD video on the Desire. There's also the front facing camera.

Your talking out your ass here, it was one of the main features in the last update for the desire.

Go into the Camera options on any Desire with froyo update and you will find 720p which is what the Hd iphone has.

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Similar to what goes on when someone asks: "Should I get a PS3 or 360?"

Now, I don't have an iPhone so I can't (and won't) comment on it but some iPhone users may compare theirs to my post:

I have the Desire:

I like the ability to be able to completely customise your phone: Don't like the clock on the main page? Change it or remove it completely. Want to add a weather widget instead? Just drag and drop pretty much. Don't like the email/SMS program that comes with the phone? Replace them. (I currently use mailwidget/K-9 mail for my email and chompSMS (Also available for iPhone apparently) for my SMS. Add/move/remove applications/widgets on any one of seven homescreens.

For me the big draw to the desire was the use of widgets. I have one screen with 1/2 screen monitoring Facebook, 1/4 screen with a youtube viewer and 1/8 screen using a voice/text controlled google search bar and 1/8 screen with a row of commonly used app icons.
Another screen shows my emails at the top of the screen and SMS at the bottom. The handy thing about the widgets is that you can just see their updates without having to actually click on them. Handy for things like e-mail and facebook.

Now, the iPhone may be able to do widgets but whenever I see my friend's one all I see are page after page of app icons. Can an iPhone user confirm if they can/can't use widgets? Just curious. Cheers.

For ME, I love my htc Desire.

Couple of points:
* As someone said, htc are having problems sourcing enough amoled screens for their high demand and will now also (not solely) be using a new Super LCD screen. There are youtube videos out there comparing the screens and they seem to be pretty mch on a par. But just so you know because some people would prefer the "in thing" amoled screens.
* The new firmware Android 2.2 (Froyo) has been rolled out to most providers now. This gives, amongst others, 720 video recording, you can setup your phone as a wifi hotspot, FULL FLASH SUPPORT for flash websites (Looks great) and a whole load of other things.
* The marketplace hasn't as many apps as the applestore (But still has thousands) and, as someone said, you cannot buy apps on it. All the apps available are free. But I've never found it lacking something I want.
* The Desire has integrated google maps (Requires internet connection so you may need a data plan if you intend using it a lot) with full turn-by-turn navigation.
* The camera is apparently better on the iPhone.
* There is an LED camera flash on the desire

Anyway, that's my (overvalued) two cents worth.

Dacelonid Registered User

I have a Desire, but recently got an iPhone 3gs for my wife and have had a chance to play around with both, so here are my observations

Desire (unrooted upgraded to 2.2)

[+] Customisable screens/homescreen etc
[+] Widgets
[+] Replace stock applications with your own.
[+] Can write my own apps and install as I see fit
[+] Flash
[+] Friendstream
[+] Google Integration (didn't use it beforehand, but use it now
[+] Very good "phone"
[+] Innovation. Anybody can think of somthing and deploy it, eg the barcode scanner.

[-] Poor battery performance
[-] No way to stop apps from starting at startup (unless you root apparently)
[-] Speaker is crap
[-] Not a standard micro usb connector, so need to buy more cables to have in work, or at home etc

iPhone 3gs
[+] Simpler interface (in my opinion)
[+] Way better battery
[+] Less tech know how needed.
[+] Standard iPod connector, so all my old iPod cables and chargers still work with it
[+] Sync with itunes. Can have one app managing all music, videos etc and sync to iPhone automatically.

[-] Cannot install something that is not from App Store
[-] Can be confusing to find settings. eg to turn on/off bluetooth have to go to Settings->General Settings->Bluetooth.
[-] If Apple don't approve something, it doesn't get into the store.

As a techie, I would have to pick the Desire. I love being able to play around with settings, replacing stock applications with my own, using all the cool tricks, finding out cool ways of doing things (eg QR Codes).

Also something that is really missing from the iPhone is the ability to create your own shortcuts to settings etc. It is lovely that I can turn bluetooth on and off with one button on my home screen, same for wifi, gps, mobile broadband etc. In the iPhone you have to go into settings->General Settings etc. It just feels too long winded.

From a non-techie standpoint, I can see the attraction of the iPhone. It just works. And works well. My wife (who isn't the most technilogically minded person, God bless her) can figure out how to do most things, and when I got it set up with wifi and iTunes and the app store she was delighted to be able to go and get her own apps and play around with them.
Her only gripe is that there is no friendstream on the iPhone.

So I guess it comes down to what you want to do with the phone, to just have something that you can leave alone and it will work, or a phone that you can play around with and customise to your hearts content.

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cheeky lil thing Registered User

Thanks for the replies, I must say im now definately more swayed towards the HTC desire .
(....altho i did see on the o2 website last night that the iphone4 is on its way....)
However, the meteor plans with the htc desire are far better than o2's plans with the iphone (no vodafone reception where i am). Then contract is an 18months one so thats why i needed some advice - 18 months is a long time if you hate ur phone!
I really like the idea of being able to make the phone my own, by creating shortcuts etc. And i was worried about the lack of apps but it seems thats not an issue with ye, so ill give it a go in october when my contract ends.
As i said before, im not at all tech-minded ( can i be a simpleton and ask what the heck is ROOTING????!!!)

Thanks again!

cnocbui Registered User

cheeky lil thing said:
( can i be a simpleton and ask what the heck is ROOTING????!!!)

Thanks again!

In the Australian vernacular, the more polite version of rooting is the highly skilled process of totally stuffing something up, whereby something becomes rooted.

In the Android vernacular, it is the process by which you grant yourself God like powers over the OS, which can then lead you to applying the Australian meaning of the word where after you could say you had 'rooted' your expensive gadget - see 'bricked'

Megatron_X Registered User

I can't imagine having an unjailbroken iPhone, you should look into jailbreaking and see if that helps your decision.

KylieWyley Registered User

Wanted to get a Desire myself - love the Sense UI to the android OS. love android.

BUT, meteor are all out of em...

Half thinking of holding off til the Desire HD comes out.. But we're usually very late getting things in Ireland so god knows when that'll be!

drunkmonkey Registered User

The Galaxy S trumps both the desire and iPhone, it's well worth looking at. I don't know why it's not the number 1 smartphone at the moment.

super_furry Registered User

I've had a 32gb 3GS for the last year and have recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S, which seems to be on a par with the Desire as an Android phone. It's a tough call, but the Galaxy S edges it for me, so although it may complicate matters, I'd add that to your equation.

edanto Registered User

I've been waiting for the HTC Desire to come back into stock on Meteor - but I'd be interested to know why the Galaxy S beats it, in your opinion?

What does it have that's better?

For example. the post about that compared the HTC and the iphone had these negatives for the Desire.

[-] Poor battery performance
[-] No way to stop apps from starting at startup (unless you root apparently)
[-] Speaker is crap
[-] Not a standard micro usb connector, so need to buy more cables to have in work, or at home etc

How does the Galaxy S score on those, please?

drunkmonkey Registered User

I don't know if i'd agree with the above complaints on the Samsung S, I only had one for 3days while my iphone was being repaired. Battery life was good seen as it was so new, Nothing happend that made me think the phone needed to be rooted, Speaker was fine and a standard micro usb powerd the phone.

I used it on 3, the reception compared to the iphone was Jaw Dropping, It was constantly hitting 2mb + on speedtests and gave 3G coverage where the iphone could not even make a call.

It's between the desire and Galaxy, i'd pick the galaxy as it's a quicker more powerfull phone with a brilliant screen.
There's an update due from Samsung when that comes it should be the no1 smartphone.

I wouldn't touch an iphone again, it feels old compared to the galaxy.

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ixtlan Registered User

Dacelonid said:

[-] Not a standard micro usb connector, so need to buy more cables to have in work, or at home etc

Eh? Are you confusing your connectors? Up until recently the general standard was mini-usb. Maybe you have some of these lying about.

The Desire does have a standard micro-usb which is the standard used on all new phones. The Galaxy has a micro-usb port also.


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