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Ive been doing quite well on reverse forecasts lately. (Horses, small fields where e/w isnt really an option.) Just wondering do bookies accept R/F patents/L15s etc? If so are the winnings from the first split equally to the next race? ie: first f/c pays 14.20 does that go to a 7.10 r/f on the next selections. I asked the young wan in the shop but she wasnt sure. She wanted to ring head office but Id have been lynched from behind if I let her lol.

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Reverse forecast multiples are a more popular bet on the dogs than horses so much so that a lot of betting shops have special slips for them, Ladbrokes for example have a forecast/reverse fc patent docket. There's no stake splitting or anything like that. You must first understand what makes up the bet. A r/fc single is 2 bets, a r/fc double is 4 bets and a r/fc treble is 8 bets. A r/fc patent is therefore 26 bets in total(3X2,3X4,1X8). You still with me? Say you did a 50c r/fc patent (Bet Cost €13) with all winning forecasts & they each paid €14.20, €10 and €12. You would have:
3 winning forecast singles:
€14.20*.50= €7.10
€10.00*.50= €5.00
€12.00*.50= €6.00

3 winning forecast doubles:
€14.20*€10.00*.50= €71.00
€14.20*€12.00*.50= €85.20
€10.00*€12.00*.50= €60.00

1 winning forecast treble:
€14.20*10.00*12.00*.50= €852.00

Forecast returns are declared to €1 stake inclusive. For the number of forecasts in a reverse f/c Lucky 15 you take the number of singles in a regular L15 and multiply by 2, number of doubles times 4, trebles times 8 and fourfolds by 16. Total= 80 bets.

You're basically covering all the possible combinations. Hope that explains it a bit better!

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Interesting. I was thinking it as the same as a e/w patent ie- 14 bets where the win and place are two seperate bets. Ill have to have another look at my imaginary account. Off the top of my head it might still work. Im averaging 3 from 4 r/f singles at an average payout of around 8.70 = 7/2ish. Think Ill wait till morning when my head clears to find a break even point lol. Cheers for the explanation.

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