eske Registered User

anyone know what an iploopback is? isn't it soemthing you'd do to test a connection - put a loop on it?

anway I'm not even sure what an ipv4loopback is but when I look at TCP connections in resource manager I can see a lot more than I'd expect and a lot of them seem to have this ipv4 loopback both local and remote. The images are for itunes and firefox and some where the image is blank?

I'm running windows7.

should I be worried? any ideas?

jpl888 Registered User

Look at especially the virtual interface bit.

I wouldn't be worried about it.

eske Registered User

thanks @jpl888

i had seen the article on wikipedia but I wasn't sure -

I only recently noticed this behaviour - it certainly hasn't been happening in the past

think it might be tied into an android emulator I attempted to setup as a lot of the loopbacks are to port 5037 (used by adb - android debug bridge)

just unsure how to stop it

jpl888 Registered User

Are you not able to uninstall the stuff you tried to setup?

eske Registered User

nope ( I know what a muppet)

there doesn't appear to be anything to uninstall in windows - remove programs

here's what I was attempting to do

- but I couldn't get to step 5 as the drivers wouldn't install - I'mn not even sure the phone i have the Desire is compatible with the nexus 1 setup ... anyway

since then I've noticed this ipv4loopback business and a lot of images reference port 5037 - used by android debug bridge

but there is noting in the recently installed list for me to remove

there's nothing i see unusual in the startup list in msconfig ? so I'm not sure where to go from here

jpl888 Registered User

According to the link it installs 3 drivers maybe the loopbacks are to do with them.

If you can identify which they are remove them. If not it may be a good idea to remove any Android related software that you can and then see what drivers are left in device manager, removing them, and putting your other software back on then.

To be fair to you it isn't clear how to remove any of that stuff so your muppetism is in doubt.

jpl888 Registered User

Sorry ignore my last post I saw you didn't get as far as step 5.

jpl888 Registered User

I'm just reading up now and it appears those loopbacks are definitely to do with the emulator. Give me a few minutes.

jpl888 Registered User

This is from the android developers website

If you are working in Eclipse, the ADT plugin for Eclipse installs your application and starts the emulator automatically, when you run or debug the application.

Check for "emulator" processes in task manager.

eske Registered User

thanks dude - I found a legit htc process that adb was using - killed it and the tcp connectons dropped right down on post 5037 to zero

annoyingly there are still legit processes itunes, firefox, dropbox, logmein
which still have the local and remote ipv4 loopback

will have to dig a little deeper here

jpl888 Registered User

It could be installed as part of eclipse so you could remove eclipse to get rid of it.

eske Registered User

don't think i have eclipse installed but I'll keep plugging away - many...many thanks for the assistance

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