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Even HDR, flower and swan photo fans will be welcome!

Since I've joined 091 Labs in Galway City, I've discovered that there is a strong internal interest in hosting a Galway City photowalk. I'd also like to submit that I could also offer a space, equipment and bandwidth for a on-that-day Photoshop symposium and all-around digital processing get-together. The workspace is at the Fairgreen and immediately adjacent to both of Galway's bus and train terminals - we're next door to one and across the road from the other. Cute bullet-point list of what I'm proposing:

  • The People's Photography is on in two weeks, and it wouldn't be fair to schedule another event for the week before or after. I'm tentatively offering up Saturday September 11 as the date for this photowalk.
  • The photowalk route would just be your typical wander around Galway's city center.
  • 091 Labs is around the corner from the fabulous Radisson Blu hotel on Lough Atalia road. If there is sufficient I'll inquire about discounted rates.
  • In addition to the photowalk we have a great, well-equipped computer workspace with projectors and lots of bandwith. I think a digital processing sharing session on the same day/weekend would be a great thing.
  • Share your workflow, tips, tricks and techniques.
  • Pub afterwards.

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sNarah VIP

Sounds like a great idea, I would be interested (and am fascinated by the 091 labs, would love to see them)

Coming from Dublin would need some advance notice though...

K_user Registered User

Sounds like a bit of fun - won't know if I'm free until closer to the day though - fingers crossed

emacken Registered User

I'm a beginner to photography myself and am looking forward to advancing my skills. The fact there is an area to work on processing afterwards is a really nice plus aswell. Thanks for organising.

I'm 091 labs myself so I'll be attending.

PopeBuckfastXVI Moderator

Might be away that weekend, but count me in if I'm not!

GristlyEnd Registered User

Would be interested in this too. Galway is only 2 1/2 hours from my house so might do it as a day trip. The Radisson is too rich for me.

Fenster Registered User

Can I put you all down as "maybe"?

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trishw78 Registered User

sounds like a plan.

Fenster Registered User

I've settled on Saturday September 11 for the photowalk. I'm currently waiting on Stephen to put it up on photowalk.ie, but in the meanwhile I'll just do a dump link and copy/paste as I have doctor's appointment to run to:


Galway-based hacker and creative workspace, 091 Labs, will be hosting a photowalk and digital processing workshop at our Workspace on Saturday September 11, 2010. Our (well…my) general plan for the day is as follows:

Event details:

    10am: We all meet up at the 091 Labs workspace at Exchange House on Fairgreen Road and swap introductions.

  • 10:30am-11am: Move out and begin our walk around the city and Claddagh beachfront.

  • 2pm: Return to the workspace for lunch (we have plenty of eateries around the area).

  • 3pm-6pm: Digital processing and photographic technique workshops. I need you for these.

Some of the details of the day are still up in the air; I would like anyone interested in holding a 15-30 minute workshop to contact me directly within the next week to suggest yours. Anything photography-related is welcome: Share your business tips, workflow advice, shooting techniques or even a regale us with a suitably entertaining rant. The Labs’ workspace features a secure lockup, copious bandwidth, an abundance or comfortable chairs and plenty of sockets; with that in mind I encourage those interested to bring along their laptop or Netbook to work from.

You can grab an ICS calendar event to add to your Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar from here.

xia Registered User

Haven't been in Galway in ages. So it's a yes from me:-)

DK32 Registered User

I wont be able to get a passport for this one.
Baby number 3 is being delivered on the 14th

swingking Registered User

Very interested in this. I'm back from Alicante on the 9th of September so I'm available. Put me down for this.

Fenster Registered User

DK32 said:
I wont be able to get a passport for this one.
Baby number 3 is being delivered on the 14th

Would you like me to have a word with her?

DK32 Registered User

Fenster said:
Would you like me to have a word with her?

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