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gavtron said:
I haven't heard of anyone eating molasses since I read To Kill a Mockingbird! Where do you get it?

or here http://www.organicsupermarket.ie/shop/product/molasses-350g-meridian

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ronsgonawin said:
Hi, great post, just wondering how there would look or taste if I used strawberry whey protein? Still have half a tub and want to try make these at the weekend! Has anybody tried it?

I made them with Strawberry whey - they are quite sweet, I'm not sure if the chocolate ones are the same

I still love them !

Wonkagirl Registered User

I made them with tiny marshmallows- not many, maybe just 4-5 per bar or thereabouts. As previously stated, no extra nutrional value in the 'mallows, but they make the eating experience very pleasant, makes it very rocky-road-esque!!

They're bloody divine, i think we all owe muffinn some serious e-high5s

Muirgheal Registered User

Am going to try my next batch using hazelnut butter- should work out ok I think.

Thank you Muffinn!

Wonkagirl Registered User

Muirgheal said:
Am going to try my next batch using hazelnut butter- should work out ok I think.

Thank you Muffinn!

interesting.. report back. i have almond butter at home actually, apparently it's a slightly higher protein count than peanut butter although not quite as tasty

the variations are endless really, which is why it's such a great recipe.. hazelnuts themselves would be lovely too, crushed up. nyom nyom

have mine in greaseproof paper at home in the fridge, ate one of them yest eve, was like a scene from 'when harry met sally'

Muirgheal Registered User

Wonkagirl, I would never have thought of using hazelnuts instead of the almonds- mmmm

(They are very "Harry met Sally"ish!)

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muffinn said:
The nutritional breakdown is pretty much the same for both maple syrup and honey, except maple syrup is more watery so it has little less calories. Also it has significant amount of manganese among some other minerals and of course maple flavour beats honey

It's really up to you what you prefer.

would agave nectar work instead? I heard it is a better alternative to honey/maple syrup

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brianthebard said:

Is molasses not just another name for treacle or what are the differences?

Molasses is black unrefined sugar with a treacle texture. It's actually pretty nutritious but it's still sugar and I wouldn't go nuts on it if I was trying to lose weight.

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Just tried making a batch this evening. Tastes good but one problem - they are very sticky!

I followed the recipe to a T. Might be the whey or PB I'm using?

FreeAnd.. Registered User

best recipe ever - just after tucking into one of the bars....was very sticky so probably needs less water...used organic Manuka honey instead of maple syrup and had no flax seeds but will play around to get a better consistency...

Thanks again

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You could dip them in desiccated coconut in order to remedy the stickiness.

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Muirgheal Registered User

Update on hazelnut version- v. delish!!!

I crushed the nuts a bit so that there are finer pieces through the bars.

RobAMerc Registered User

Just an update...

For my latest batch - I dissolved some sugar free jelly into hot water and used that instead of plain water - it seems to make them stick together better. I also rolled them in desecrated coconut ( Thanks Temple_Grandin ) as well as swapping 50% of the oats with coconut too. They are much easier to handle as a result.

Some almonds and some hazelnuts - these things are too delish!

I hope muffin doesn't mind me posting changes to their original ( wonderful ) recipe ?

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ApeXaviour Registered User

Ta Rob... nah I'm sure a low carb version is also appreciated

LavaLamp Registered User

just made my first batch of these using Strawberry Hemp protein and "very nutty museli" as my variations on the recipie - it's in the freezer, can't wait to try

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