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I want to make a few quick points about commenting on courses, modules and lecturers:

I understand that particularly in the current economic climate, people are making decisions about what postgraduate courses in many cases to spend their hard-earned cash on. Making a decision is much easier when you've a full spectrum of views, positive and negative, from which to work. On this forum I aim to provide this within the bounds of legality and taste.

In the past few weeks there have been a number of complaints about some posts, and I have been concerned about the content of them. Therefore, to avoid any ambiguity, here are the rules:

  • Do not post the name of any lecturer. I do not want to protect any substandard or inadequate teachers. The problem is that posting a name is an invite for litigation.
  • If I can find the name of a lecturer by a google search of the module name, then do not post the module name.
  • In many cases you can replace the name of the module with "one of the modules on the course" and still make the same overall points.
  • If you are signing up to make a comment about a course, please make sure that your user name does not violate any of the rules above, particularly the second one.

I am operating a zero-tolerance policy on these rules, so be warned that any breach will result in a ban.

On that note I also re-iterate the point that anybody from a college that is posting in their professional capacity must PM me first before doing so. Rest assured that I can tell a 'fake student' post like a bikini in the north pole.

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