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I was just wondering if anyone else has any experiences of using Kanes Travel in Longford, I called in over a week ago and i am booking a trip for 10 + spending approx 5k. All my detail were takin and i was promised a callback the next day, now 8 working days later i have received no call. The lady i was dealing with didnt seem to interested in me either and said she would have to look up the flights and get back to me. Like i get it hard to understand whats going on here. I feel like not going in again and taking my business somewhere else, or evening complaining to the mananger. I cant imagine she lost my details as she wrote then down and if someone was coming into my business, willing to spend 5k in this climate, i would treat their detail with priority. I had book a previous trip 2 years ago, 16 people, so its not like i was wasting their time or anything.

Just want to know did anyone experience similar issue???

Aln_S Registered User

I would suggest you take your business elsewhere to be honest. I have a total lack of confidence in them with regard to organising flights, transfers etc.

Speaking from my own and others experience.

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Have not had an issue with Kanes travel - always found them to be helpful and direct - no hard sell. I can say in my dealings with them, I've always had a call back when I expected one - then I have only really dealt with Ann (the boss). I would suggest before you go any further, speak to Ann and outline your concerns - as with any company, if you don't complain, the service will not improve - but complain to the right person! Good luck and happy travels.

davehey79 Registered User

have you tired giving a call in case they got some or contact details wrong ??

kerash Registered User

I've found kanes really good in the past, just to balance the argument. They were really helpful and nice.
Ring them up and ask what the story is

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Go back to Kanes and see the person who was dealing with you to find out what the story is. If you're still not satisfied, talk to the manager and explain your situation. There's no way they'd want to lose a booking like that, so if someone isn't doing their job they'd be eager to find out!

If that doesn't work (which it should), go somewhere else.

flas Registered User

never deal with them anymore at all,once bitten twice shy and all that.

somuj Registered User

Travel agents are like unions. Unnecessary

sylver72 Registered User

To be fair i have used kanes travel several times in the past and each time they have been courteous,prompt and good value. Obviously some oversight on the part of the girl you were dealing with so i would ring again or better still go in and talk face to face.

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I found them fine when I booked my honeymoon 5 years ago. Having said that, they never notified the hotel that we were on a honeymoon... never used them since, book all my own travel online

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