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Hi Guys,

Just transfered some video from my Desire that I took at the Festival of World Cultures over the weekend. The video transfered no problem but the sound is non-existent. Anybody know what the issue may be. Steps I followed are outlined below:

1. Attached phone to PC as 'Disk Drive'
2. Went into 'DCIM' and copied and pasted to my PC.
3. Went to play the files through Windows Media Player and video is good but no sound.
4. Tried playing the video directly from the 'DCIM' when the phone is attached to computer and still no look.

Video plays great (and with sound) from the phone itself.
Any suggestions.......i know it's probably something silly but would be grateful of the help. Had a quick look at the manual and am no clearer.


Abelloid Registered User

Missing a CODEC? Try VLC (Videolan), it's a better media player IMHO.

BeciMester Registered User

The problem is that you don't have the right codec on the PC to decode the sound. Do a search for ffdshow, install it and you should be sorted. Alternatively, try the VLC video player, that thing plays everything I can throw at it.

Edit: JustinOval got there first... slow typing on the Desire

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VLC won't play it. I read you need quicktime but I never bothered with that so I can't tell if that's definitely the solution. I uploaded my video from the phone straight onto youtube and it plays with sound.

Pretty pathetic that this sort of thing can happen. Hopefully the 720p update will see the video format changed from 3gp.

Abelloid Registered User

Ah, I just assumed VLC would play it... try another video format (MP4) on the Desire and you should have no problems.

EDIT: Just checked mine (custom ROM), I have MPEG4, H.263 and H.264, I can't remember if you can switch from 3gp to MPEG4...

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Hmm just looked at mine (stock). The resolution was set to 640x480 changed that now to 800x480. Gives me the option of mpeg4 or h.263. Think it was already set to mpeg4.

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Latest version pf VLC will play it and has the required codec. Also, if you upload it to youtube it will have sound as youtube has all the codecs. get latest VLC player and try again. VLC version 1.1.0

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Thanks for the replies guys. I downloaded the latest version of VLC Player and that wont play the video with sound. In the end downloaded 'Oxelon Media Converter' to change the file type '.3gpp' to '.mp4'. This allows me to play it back on my computer. Also looked at the settings on the camera it is is saying the the encoding is MPEG4 yet when transferred to laptop the file type is .3gpp. Ah well, only a matter of minutes to convert the file type to the required. Thanks again.

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OK, finally got around to test this.
With the 'Official Froyo HTC Sense ROM' v1.0c on the Desire, I made a 720p video recording, MPEG4 selected in the menu. The result is a .3gp file, which plays just fine including sound in VLC 1.1.1 on Windows 7. Here's the output from VLC's Media Information menu:

Stream 0
Type: Video
Codec: MPEG-4 Video (mp4v)
Language: English
Resolution: 1280x720
Frame rate: 14.151209
Stream 1
Type: Audio
Codec: AMR narrow band (samr)
Language: English
Channels: Mono
Sample rate: 8000 Hz
Bits per sample: 32

The same file also plays fine with the Media Player Classic + FFDshow combination. Not a peep from Windows Media Player though, and it seemingly doesn't let me just add a random codec to it - only the ones downloaded from MS.

Anyone who want an AMR codec installed on their PC: download FFDshow, and during installation make sure AMR is selected on the audio page, that should do it - if you use another media player than WMP, that is.

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lang said:
Thanks for the replies guys. I downloaded the latest version of VLC Player and that wont play the video with sound.

thats stramge alright. I had the same problem as you. VLC 1.0 would not play the sound for me. But once I put on 1.1.0 it was perfect. Played the 800x480 3gp files perfectly.

this was the VLC thread about it.

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