Doctor DooM Moderator

I'm loving Jin. Way, way more complicated than characters I usually use but I think that's part of the attraction. He also, ironically considering he's Tekken, has one of the lamest and most annoying fireball games in the game.

Vyze Registered User

Having totally ignored SF4, looks like I'm gonna have to spend a lot of time practising dull-as-**** links in combos. Other than that the game seems pretty fun!

chopperbyrne Registered User

I'm rocking Rolento and King. Badass team.

bush Registered User

Ive been using rolento and pressing lp

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Fergus_ Registered User

Been rocking Asuka/Lili with a bit of Rolento, Juri and Poison.

Juri is insanely good, cr.hp ch AA leads to bucketloads of damage and her pressure is good.

Lili's great with meter, great walkspeed and nice pokes, health is a big issue though but bitta gems will sort that.

Rolento is gdlk, great reach on normals, especially st.lp, 1st rekka being safe is sick, he's got some really damaging corner combos.

Poison, at first I thought she would be a zoner, but the more I use her, the more offensive she seems, her overhead special is +3 on block and she has nice normals to frame trap with, like cr.hp into hp fireball which is a 3f gap and you can combo off her hp fireball into xx ex rekka into xx DP which is pretty nice damage. Her normals are decent enough as well, I like her xx fireball and it's a decent AA as well. I think Poison could be really good.

Asuka... :|

Scavenger XIII Registered User

Vyze said:
Having totally ignored SF4, looks like I'm gonna have to spend a lot of time practising dull-as-**** links in combos. Other than that the game seems pretty fun!

Picked up a copy when I was down south on Sat.

There are still some tricky links about but the BnB hitconfirm
link combos that were a pain to learn before are much more
lenient now. You'll probably need the trickier ones to maximise
damage but reliable hitconfirms are more important I'd wager.

Dreddybajs Registered User

Yeah links in general are much easier than SF4. Takes a while to get used to though since the blockstun and hitstun last forever (maybe it's the hitstop, no idea).

@ Azza, I've been using crouch fierce as AA with Kaz, seems a bit slow but alright.

Neeknak Registered User

Poison + Juri + Damage Gems =

Azza Moderator

Yeah I'm also fining links easier in this. Bisons C.LK links feel easier.

@ Dreddy, S.MK seems like Kaz's best anti air normal.

Doctor DooM Moderator

I'm finding Guile's "old" links are v easy but he has new ones which are taking work to get consistently. That could just be the fact I'm not used to them I guess!

Naphiel Registered User

Fergus_ said:
Asuka... :|

Sounds like she plays just like she does in Tekken then.

Have been playing a lot of Heihachi lately. Sure his walk speed isn't great but he makes up for it with good mix ups, really high damage and a useful counter.

Ramza Registered User

WGF/EWGF is actually a deceivingly crap AA

cl is his best, but the hitbox is weird, on CH you get a juggle. Cr.fierce is good also, but I find his best to be mist step into jab, which is his SRK esque move, mist step is totally invincible on the top afaik, and if you're quick you can do his rising uppercut from mist step without even seeing the mist step animation, thats his best AA but requires a lot of work given the task at hand

Still in the lab

Dreddybajs Registered User

Ramza said:
cl is his best, but the hitbox is weird, on CH you get a juggle.

Same with every AA surely?

chopperbyrne Registered User

Dreddybajs said:
Same with every AA surely?

Yeah, but maybe he means it's very easy to juggle afterwards, due to the position you're in.

Ramza Registered User

Dreddybajs said:
Same with every AA surely?

Yeah sure, I'm just saying like haha (unless obviously they empty jump)

Also here is a neat trick I like to use with Kazuya, I'm not sure which does more damage, but you can confirm into his rising sun heavy off of his agony spear (short, jab, forward chain) and also off of cr.fierce (which can alternatively be confirmed off of cl st.jab, cr.strong, and some others). You can also confirm the rising sun after a slaughter hook, but this scales a lot more and isnt favourable imo (and probably can be confirmed/followed up after lots of other stuff) For one meter:

.... xx rising Sun H (tag cancel), second character comes in, here is the neat part, if you time a jump in perfectly to land at/or around the third hit of rising sun, you can re stand your opponent, it looks crazy but I think the opponent is never considered in a grounded state. Works great for characters with crossups (crossups are easier to time than normal jump ins to force the re stand). I like to do this with kazuya and Jin

.... rising sun H (tag cancel),then with Jin ; J.RH crossup(restand), cr.strong, cr.fierce xx risiing upper, st.forward xx whatever (main choice for damaing being his strong followup after mist step, i forget the name )

doing a super will just scale too much, I've done this and then a swaying willow Jin loop for two meters, looks flashy as hell and goes on for ages. A one meter combo using this will net close to 450 damage afaik, I'll post exact figures when I get home since I'm not there at the moment

Edit : I haven't tested it yet, or seen frame data, but his WGF seems safe to me on block, so ending block strings with that is usually favourable. I also like to end block strings with agony spear (safe aswell afaik), and his short, jab, short, forward chain (safe aswell i think) more testing needs to be done

His overheads are sick

With Rolento it gets scary, you can tag into j.fierce/RH, st.RH/cr.fierce, xx rekkas, then xx slide, then after all that, go into his spike rod option select to catch rollers

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