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I've had all the symptoms of cystitis for the past week now. I've drank loads of water and cranberry juice and it still hasn't gotten rid of it. But for the past three-ish days I've had pains around my kidney area, today being the worst of all as it's constant.
Just wondering does anyone know could this be leading towards a kidney infection or is this just a symptom of cystitis?

Also, are you not meant to have sex while you have cystitis. Does it make it worse? I had sex once this past week and for some reason it relieved the pain. Just not so much the next day...

I'm not looking for medical advice here just other peoples experiences.


Orgasm is a pain reliever, hence easing the discomfort, but it's only gonna be temporary.

Although cystitis can be pre-menstrual - applicable to you OP?

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Go to the doctor. A kidney infection isn't something to mess around with. At the very least, you might need antibiotics for the cystitis.

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A guess a visit to the doctor is in order then.

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Definitely go to the doctor!

I've just finished a course of antibiotics to treat a bout of cystitis. What the doctor explained to me (and what people don't seem to realise) is that there is naturally a certain level of acid in the urine ... an infection can make the urine more or LESS acidic (alkaline).

So the assumption that most people make (that they need to reduce the acid by, for example, taking cystopurin) can sometimes be incorrect.

I'd been taking Cystopurin and the doctor told me to stop immediately and start knocking back the cranberry juice which (being an acidic fruit) will increase the acidity of your urine.

It confuses me that Cystopurin (which neutralises the acidity of urine) tastes like cranberries, so I hope I'm explaining what I was told correctly.

As for the sex, well cystitis ain't called "The Honeymoon Disease" for nuthin

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Please contact your local GP.



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