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Wed 21 July Lingfield, Worcester, Leicester (e), Naas (e)
Thu 22 July Bath, Uttoxeter, Doncaster (e), Folkestone (e), Leopardstown (e), Limerick (e)
Fri 23 July Ascot, Southwell, Chepstow (e), Wexford (e)
Sat 24 July Ascot, Newcastle, Lingfield (e)
Sun 25 July Ascot
Mon 26 July Wolverhampton, Yarmouth, Windsor (e), Uttoxeter (e), Galway (e)
Tue 27 July Perth (e), Worcester (e), Galway (e)
Wed 28 July Galway, Perth, Leicester (e)
Thu 29 July Galway, Stratford
Fri 30 July Bath (e), Galway (e)
Sat 31 July Doncaster, Galway, Lingfield (e)
Sun 1 August Cork, Galway

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