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-Chris- said:

Having a much deserved pint now.

Bet it tasted better than what those guys were pouring!

Aye always gas what some people say to you, but I think we did good yesterday evening. Hopefully ye get on well today too

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Gary ITR Registered User

No more volunteers? I'm heading over after work today

Quazzie Hosted Moderator

Dr.Vag said:
No more volunteers? I'm heading over after work today

Because I'm going away for the whole bank holiday next weekend if I told the wifey I was going away aswell today I think I'd be shot.

It looks like you're having a bit of craic doing it though so hopefully that might entice a few volunteers out.

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Just wanted to say well done to -Chris-, getting everything organised in such a short space of time and donating so much of his time & effort into it. I'm sure everyone really appreciates what you've done, I know I do.
Another thanks to Dr.V for giving up his time too in between work, not easy but honestly fair play.

I hope that a nice bit has been collected from the generous people out there and it's all a great help towards such a good cause

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Atomic Pineapple Registered User

As Star-Pants says excellent work lads and fair play to you for doing it and it is very much appreciated.

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