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They are on 4od, I watched them on it last year.


I've watched every episode so many times and quote it pretty much daily, I'd say! There are just so many good lines. I think it's a great example of how Irish people don't take ourselves or religion too seriously. For that reason, I think it shows us in a good light. However, I do think it's a very specific Irish humour. It has a lot of jokes that are specifically about the Catholic Church and priesthood in Ireland (the priest that everyone thinks is in the closet, one child becoming a doctor and the other becoming a priest, the priest who may be a pervert, etc.), and the ideas of the local lunatic (Tom) or the couple that pretend to be happily married to save face (John and Mary). Myself and my friends showed it to a couple of American people and I don't think they got it at all. I just don't think they got all the references to Catholicism or found it as funny because they didn't realise how big a deal Catholicism was in Ireland (and continues to be for some people). I think British people get it more, given we're such close neighbours and have relatively similar cultures.

A fantastic show though all the same. One of my favourites. I like the episode with the Cuban and Len Brennan's son.

'How's the son?' - Got to be one of the most perfectly timed comedy lines ever.

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It's on RTE two now - the Holiday one! Classic!

Fr. Noel: "Where's Tony Lynch off to??? Probably to get some heroin!!"

"Who's a bit of a moooaning Michael tonight???!"

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jill_valentine said:
No matter how many times I see it, it's the attention to bizarre little details - the "fecking Greeks" woman has the most Irish looking plastic bags I've ever seen in my life, they might as well say "HEATONS" on them or something

Favourite non-priests were John and Mary and I don't think they were used nearly often enough.

The episode I used to not like so much but is now probably my favourite is that of ol' Father Stone.

Ted: "He introduced me to Fr. Stone...and just....ran away."

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leahyl said:
It's on RTE two now - the Holiday one! Classic!

Fr. Noel: "Where's Tony Lynch off to??? Probably to get some heroin!!"

"Who's a bit of a moooaning Michael tonight???!"

God, he never left Tony alone. The later episode where Ted happen upon Noel and the St. Luke's youth group lost in the cave complex is equally funny.

Noel talking about eating Tony in order to survive and Tony finally snapping and roaring at him to shut up leaving Noel totally shocked and offended.

Noel to Tony : " I'm putting you down on my list of enemies. *Opens up small note book and starts scribbling furiously in it while giving Tony the evil eye, Tony looks worried.* That's it. You're in for it now, Tony!.............HAA!! Look what I've really written!!! *Turns notebook around to show what he's written - I REALLY LIKE TONY!!!* "

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Is there anywhere online I can see the documentary that ye are talking about???

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I have to say i never get sick of watching Father Ted. Knowing RTE they are going to keep showing it for the next few years anyways! Ah go on go on go on...

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"Ted says you were touching him"


Father Ted is IMO the greatest thing that has ever been filmed.

Nothing smug or self indulgent or trendy or pretentious about it. It just wants to cram as many laughs as possible into an episode through whatever means possible. We will never see the likes of it again


More 4 are re-showing Ted from the start tonight with first two episodes at 10pm/11pm

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Yup. Love how they showed the final two episodes last week, then rewound straight back to the beginning. Can't have enough of a good thing


To be honest they could have dropped the boring priest episode, the opener was a hoot (again!)

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