Topic. I'm re-installing XP after a faulty re-install for a friend. The computer hasn't been used for two years and he hasn't a clue what the drivers are and the PC has the wrong drivers installed now. Can anybody help me find the drivers for this PC?



They are all the newer iMedia Desktops. AFAIK PB removed all the driver support for old iMedia models.


Any idea which one it is?

softdancomputer Registered User

no clue, you have to dig and find the hardware you miss the drivers for.

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You could identify the components on the board individually.. usually written on the chips. And download each of the drivers separately..

If you identify the board manufacturer/model, you could go to the manufacturer's website and probably find what bits are used in it. They may also have the drivers on the site..

Dont limit yourself to Packard Bell webiste / servers . ... I have had a lot of trouble finding drivers for their stuff in the past, but using the methods outlined above I've got them all up and running.

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johndoe99 Registered User

Go To:


(You will have to register, its free)

in the search box enter: Packard Bell iMedia 5067

I have already done so and it has found the PC and all the drivers for:

Sound Card
Network Card
BIOS / Motherboard
Graphics / Video Adapter
Input Devices
and more

its the best site, ive been using it for years

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and download everest trial. it will tell you the make and model of all the components you're trying to get drivers for

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