Egreta78 Registered User

I need some advice as to where to send my child: Griffeen Valley ET or Lucan East ET. Any information would be useful.

Chipman2007 Registered User

pick both and give yourself time to choose.

don't delay in registering... the sooner the better. I'm already too late for my boy (and I tried a week after he was born in Ranelagh).


stocking Registered User

which one have you ended up with? what's your feedback/conclusions now? right choice?
I'm in the same situation myself now... hard to choose....

lucyjoc Registered User

hi stocking, i went with lucan east eventually, it depends on what you're after really, if you have a child who's not going to struggle in any areas then griffeen, if you have a child who might need help in the future then lucan east, they have better facilities and support, griffeen dont seem to want kids who cant keep up, i spoke to alot of parents who weren't happy with the school and ended up moving their kids, i know someone who works in the school who couldn't argue with me when i brought it up with her!! I went to see both schools and defo got a better feeling from the principal in lucan east and even the secretary there, the other 1 was very rude. The principal in griffeen just seemed tooooooo nice, totally put on to me. Visit both and make you're mind up then, go with the school that you think can provide more for your child. I know a few parents who are perfectly happy with griffeen but it just wasn't for me

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