FortuneChip said:
Great finale, no massive complaints with is. I guess we'll never learn how Ashur came to be the "Go-To" guy, but I guess Batiatus knew he was somewhat reliable given the the Vettius attack and Tulius as well.
I wasn't a massive fan of the "Let us never hear of anything that has happened in the last six episodes" line. However it was greatly redeemed with Batiatus telling Lucretia that they will get what they truely deserve; cue Batiatus and Lucretia bloodied and dying on the floor

+ Steven S. DeKnight giving us the most clear/blatant hint that Lucretia did/does in fact survive...


Brilliant finale, wrapped everything up

I know they had to write Gannicus out of it but I figured he'd be killed
And was watching out for that rat Asher to get crippled. Actually he is lower then a rat!

I'm going to go back and rewatch Blood and Sand now

FrostyJack Registered User

So the only person who thought 1-5 were brilliant is the only person disappointed in the finale? The first 30 minutes were rubbish, the only saving grace was finding out that Solonius turned on Batiatus rather than the other way around and the primus. The killer blow was knowing that Gannicus is in season 2, thanks to the spoiler in this thread so I knew he wouldn't fight Crixus in the final, only the granting of freedom as the way he escaped was a pleasant surprise. Tullius was dealt with too easily and they never explained why Vettius wouldn't send word of the murder while he is away and out of reach. Finally I am of the conclusion you could not watch this before season one because the spoilers at the start and the end would ruin it, plus the individual events, Solonius turning, Ashur being gimped, Crixus become champion, Batiatus turning to the darkside etc would not have the same impact or meaning. Still overall brilliant mini series but slightly let down at the final hurdle. If season 2 is as good, I will still be very happy.

Sherifu Registered User

Excellent conclusion to a really good mini-series.

Gannicus going free was genius.


Sherifu said:
Excellent conclusion to a really good mini-series.

Gannicus going free was genius.

+ giving further reason why Quintus and Selonius hated each other so much in B&S + gave Gannicus
Spoiler (Show)

Melodeon Registered User

Is it not pretty well known that Gannicus was

Spoiler (Show)
, and thus HAD to survive GOTA?
Or am I the 'odd' one for researching this stuff?

I'm not so sure they should have included the prefix and suffix of the events of Spartacus's revolt at the beginning and end of GOTA.
I think it revealed too much to viewers that hadn't seen B&S, to no great purpose, and those of us who HAVE seen B&S know 'the future' anyway.
Without them (the prefix and suffix), the series would stand alone quite nicely, while still containing lots of delicious revelations for those who know 'the future'.
I particularly think that Quintus's "We will get what we deserve" speech would be all the better for NOT having the certainty of his death explicitly shoved in our faces.

Vokes Registered User

Melodeon said:
Spoiler (Show)

This is called a spoiler.



I would have left out Andy Whitfield in the opening prologue.....simply because Liam McIntyre had been cast as Sparty + ease new folks into Liam much better, but i would still have kept those scenes where Quintus and Lucretia were lying dead.


Vokes said:

This is called a spoiler.


we know he survived, the series is over...we know he's gonna be in season 2, ffs.

Melodeon Registered User

Richard Dower said:
we know he survived, the series is over...we know he's gonna be in season 2, ffs.

I suppose, in fairness, you'd need to have some knowledge of the history of the slave revolt to know what he's likely to be doing in season 2 though.


What happens is SPOILER:

Spoiler (Show)

dave1982 Registered User

Do Doctore know about Gannicus and his wife?


dave1982 said:
Do Doctore know about Gannicus and his wife?

No, but with Lucretia
Spoiler (Show)
you can guarantee that info will find it's way to the ear of Doctore

vetinari Registered User

I enjoyed the finale even though it played out differently to what I was expecting. I thought that some sort of battle against Tullyius and his men would be the climax of the episode. In the end though, the final fight scene was epic! Also liked the twist in regards to Salonius.


I wonder will we see that snake Asher in Season 2.
Not realy looking for a spoiler, just thinking out loud here.

I suppose it's pretty likely he'll be back. Hope he gets what's coming to him

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