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Just wondering if anyone has every built their own home using the Flat Pack method? And if so where the costs greatly reduced? Ive see this process on the TV and it does seem to be growing in popularity.

Also does anyone have any links to the manufactures who make these homes?

Many Thanks...

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I think huf haus is one....They are German.

Not cheap.....but look amazing!

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Well the one i have seen on tv looks great ,but its no cheaper than building a standard 3bed house ,and you have to have a site with planning permission.
THERES homes that come as cubes ,like lego, 1 cube =1 room, i have no idea how much they cost,cubes join up like giant lego blocks.

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well can build using containers, could be cheap

tho once again if you put anything up on land be aware of planning, and of course neighbours complaining...

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Ones I was looking at were starting around 24K for a granny flat type house not including all the extras like plumbing just basically the shell.

It's a couple of years ago now so prices may have changed but I went to look at one log cabin (come flat packed or can be assembled for you which is extra) but for 50K (not incl. site or planning permission obviously) there was a 2 bed 1 bathroom, fitted kitchen and living area open plan with veranda and that would include base as well. It wasn't massive but ok for a family with mabey 1 or 2 kids if on a tight budget. It was lovely though, little shutters for the windows, back door etc. not much storage though one cupboard but probably need that for hot water tank.

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