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It's a bit quite in here??

Just wondering if anyone here, has been to this, and what's it like?
Would you recommend it for younsters, during the day, or is it best suited to adults, in the evening / night time??



I went last year (as a former resident of the deep south...of America that is ) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not sure very young kids would get it, or even care, but there is stuff to keep them relatively occupied whilst the adults enjoy the music. There were a few workshop type things when I was there (optional of course) that would be an adults only type affair.

How young are the youngsters?

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Thanks for the info. pow wow.
We've been to the park a fair few times, and we all really enjoy it. I have one @ 4, and one @ 14. Every year I see the big sign at the gate for the Bluegrass Festival, and always say "must go to that sometime".

It be difficult to get to something like that without taking the kids, so maybe I'll wait another few years!


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