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as a former patient i found radio mater a great source of entertainment.
i was in the hospital last week and asked was the service still on air, i could not get any information there, does anybody know?

craoltoir Registered User

The station is currently off-air. There are issues with regard to the equipment including the transmitter. As you will be aware the service was provided by volunteers and has no funding to enable the purchase of new equipment. It should be noted that other hospital radio services have significant support from both hosptial management and sponsors, which is not the case with the service in the Mater. Whether the station will be back on-air or not cannot be confirmed at this point.


If your looking for some help to sort out your tech issues, pm me and I'll hav someone look at it for free.I'm sure there's a few of us here who can help out.

Speaking of hospital stations I only heard today that hospital stations now have to pay a 1000 euro levy to the new bci. I'm sure community stations are in the same boat..

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