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Hi guys
I have a mazda 3 saloon 2008,petrol i have it since new, but in the last year im having a few problems i have about 75,000 km on it and its been serviced reguraly. i find when im driving some times i feel the steering go stiff it only happens some times. i brought it to the main dealer back in febuary and he says its the break disc,s so i got two new disc,s but the same problems was there so i call him again, and he told me i need new tyres. got 4 new tyres the same problems is still there. so i went to a differnt mazda dealer to get it service in april and he can't find anything worng with it, so i said i'd drive it till now. I have have done 7000 km on it since then
but its the same i drive 120 km par day.and the steering defenitly get stiff . also the breaks feel very soft and it feels like you have to put your foot right down to stop and i was told i dont need break pads there like new. all i do is motor way driving. the guys in mazda seem to just take the car for a 5 min drive and come back and say the car is fine. no one knows the car only the person who drives it
had my wifes car for a week she drives a toyota corrola 2002 with 100000 miles on it and its a nicer drive and the steering is fine.
Any help with this i'd be very greatfull.

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I can't see how disks or tyres could effect steering.

It amazes me how poor main dealers can be when it come to non standard problems.

TBH I would be a bit worried about ssuch minor issues as brakes and steering.

I would recommend the lads in MKW motors if you are close to the Baldonnell


Thats funny second thread this week over problems with that model Mazda 3. Op as frank said brake pads or tyres wouldnt make any differ. Sounds more like the power steering pump or the belt driving it.

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for getting back to me guys. the car is still under warranty till 2011. but these guy can't find fault. was thinking of emailing mazda Ireland and seeing what they have to say.


Esel Not your ornery onager

I'm definitely no expert, but I'm thinking servos/belt/pump(s) too.

OP: have you googled the problem?

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Hi guys called the main dealer today his going to take a looked at it again next week for me
But I'd say he wont find any thing wrong with it. They seem to plug it in to a computer and if noting shows up they will say its fine, when i no its not. Don,t no what to do after that.



Dealer will need to find a fault to claim warranty time. My father had problems with the power steering pump on his focus which the 3 is based on. Worth checking out...I would email distributor to highlight faults all the same

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A friend of mine has an 09 mazda 3 and is having the same problem, they seem to be replacing everthing but he is still not happy, I thought he was making it up till I read this tread

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