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for the past nearly two months i've spots on my chin. i never had spots before except the odd few small zits on my forehead during puberty. this is ridiculas though. theres a cluster of spots on the right hand side of my chin and one or two on the left hand side of my chin,none in the middle so far! one gets really big than it'l calm down but still be there but not as noticeable! hate them. any hints on how to get rid of them or why ive got them now? i really want them to go away for good not just calm down and them come back and start all over again!

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Usually spots around the chin area are hormonal and connected with the reproductive system.....I've noticed myself lately around the TOTM I get spots around my chin/jawline!!! You would hope when you reach a certain age that all that sort of stuff stops

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yeah at 27 it was the last thing on my mind a breakout of spots on my chin. i just want them gone. i used to have such great skin

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I started getting huge spots on my chin and cheeks when I was about 28 - went for a facial and the beautician told me to put a Clarins mask directly on the spots and gently dab it in. It's the one in the green tube - can't remember the name but it's a pinky coloured clay mask. She also said to put the mask on all over my chin 3 times a week. It made a huge difference - stopped getting as many spots, and it cleared up the giant ones and made the skin heal more quickly. I still use the mask if I get the odd big spot every few weeks now.

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I started getting this too there horrible, but it was when i went of the pill ( before my skin was still only bad on my chin thats why i went on it ). Im around the same age as you and trust me i no its horrible. I don't want to take any antibiotics for this anymore. They say that spots on the chin is hormonal i find a week before my period id get these spots. Once when i gave up coffee in the morning my skin cleared up, but i found to hard, was thinking dairy allergy.
At the moment im taking a vitamin c drink in the morning with evening primrose and b6 every day. ive gotten tiny little spots but nothing major and they clear up pretty fast. also got a spot cream from boots which was great. try germalene my mam swear by this. I also use tea tree oil in the morning and ive also started using clean and clear face wash and cleaner. I also read about this girl who had bad skin and only moisturized every second day and that help her,ive started doing this but if my skin feels like need to be moisturized.ill use it.
sorry for the long message, but Ive been trying to find a solution for ages that works


OP, try taking Starflower oil. There's nothing like it for hormonal breakouts and the recurrent spots you get with them. Its really worth trying and it worked for me in a few weeks.

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Hormones are probable reason, but think about the food, and drink you're consuming too.
Coffee shouldn't cause breakouts, unless you take with milk? Cows milk is not good for your skin. Switch to goats milk. Face washes like clearasil, and clean&clear can be kind of bad too, they dry out your skin, mess up your oil balance. Try Sodium bicarbonate(bread soda) for cleaning your face, I used it after researching and it works very well, no chemicals, or any of that other bad stuff, and won't dry out your skin. And drink lots of carbonated water too!

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Spots on your chin area is almost always linked to hormones. Ask your GP about it and usually they either recommend antibiotics or contraceptive. In my opinion no cream will do anything to help as its an internal problem.

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Have a look at this thread, I never knew that it was so common for women around 26 to 30something to suddenly end up with breakouts on the chin. Ive had them for just over a year now on and off. scarring is now my main prob- I gave up dairy (didnt manage to stay off it completely but have cut back) I take starflower oil every day ( noticed a difference within the month). Still getting the breakouts but less frequently now. I used an antibiotic cream the doc prescribed but refused to go on antibiotics.

I find now in the mornings my chin can be very red and the marks from the old breakouts are very obvious!

I gave in and am off to see a dermatologist on friday!

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Give your phone a good clean too, they harvest dirty bacteria that could be spreading it!


Tea trea oil - I swear by it.

I always have a bottle of tea tree oil handy and just use a cotton bud to dab it on any spots - they are usually gone by the next day.

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I also get spots on my chin from eating oily food and using lip balm because they trickle down my face slowly during the day. Most moisturisers and all sunblocks also give me acne.

Ask specifically to speak to the pharmacist (NOT the make up staff- they'll just try to flout expensive crap) and they'll give good advice. They'll know if it needs a GP for a course of antibiotics or just some creams. Acne normally takes a good while to clear up.

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:DThanks for all ye'r replys! makes me feel a little better that im not the only one! funnily enough they started just after my hols when i was wearing no make up but sunscrean!! maybe that was it.. still wont go away though they just keep getting worse-i joke that they make me look younger but no people they dont|!! im gonna start trying what ye said. iv tried clearasil-does sting but doesnt seem to get rid of them for very long. using savlon on them,which kinda works...but i just want them completely gone not smaller! but again thank ye all so much for ye'r replys. i just want them gone.

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