This is rather old news, but i hear this 13 ep. show is supposed to be broadcast this fall:


The article also details other Canadian tv projects/pilots in the works.

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Dug a bit more info on this upcoming Canadian series: http://www.hollywoodnorthreport.com/article.php?Article=7903


Anyone watch this?...it was ok, kinda like Nightwatch...very low budget, Charmed level of CGI, Emmanuelle Vaugier guest starred...i swear that girl is in everything!!

It was ok, it gave me enough to at least watch it next week to see how it goes, had some very cheesy dialogue...."it's like the 4th of July in my mouth"....what?
She's a sultry succubus, not stunning but not exactly ugly, then we have The Fae...light and dark sides, each faction having it's own weirdos and powers.

Feel kinda pulp graphic novel, one that sold about 10 issues.


yeah, watched it just there. kinda confusing but i doubt they'd tell us everything in the pilot. it's not bad, kinda quirky. Bo isn't too bad looking, well not for a succubus at least got me latched on to see how it develops. something new to pick up anyway.

Emmanuelle Vaugier...i knew i recognised her. remember her in smallville back when it was still good, and Being Erica as well for some episodes.


Record ratings for the cable channel: http://www.spoilertv.com/2010/09/lost-girl-breaks-ratings-records-for.html

DS thread: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=1351352

^ agree with alot of the opinions, it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.


Anyone gonna watch episode 2 tonight?


yeah i'm going to be watching it tomorrow, and see if it's worth continuing on with.


I'll watch episode 2 later :-)


just finished watching it. it's not bad. at least it's not driven by special effects. means it will concentrate more on the story.
gonna keep on watching it. i can see the finale already shaping up to be about Bo's parents probably


Ep. 2 wasn't bad, again...it gave me enough to watch the third episoe tonight. I must try get Basquille and Mr. E to watch this and see what they think.

Ep. 2 had more banter and humour, which wasn't a bad thing. But the main story was kinda dull, Anna Silk is a sexy succubus seductress!


Thoughts on episode 3?


turning out to be a bit episodic, but it's still interesting. gonna keep it up anyway. what did you think of it?


Ep. 3 was OK, they are injecting more humour and banter into the scripts...not a bad thing. Got some ratings numbers for ep. 3:

The third episode of new Canadian supernatural drama Lost Girl was found by 185,000 at 7 and another 144,000 at 8:40 p.m. on Showcase.

I'm taking this show one ep. at a time, as of now it deserves one more episodes viewing. I hear people saying it's got a Wheadon-esque vibe....not sure about that?


No new episode this Sunday, week hiatus...returns October 17th. I've been snooping the net and this show is starting to garner more attention in forums and blogs, it's very cultish right now and under the radar but it is slowly building momentum.

Ep. 4 was pretty good as well, a stronger central story and some nice sexy succubi scenes, threesome anyone? :-)

Kenzi is growing on me week to week, stunning eyes!....little firecracker!, she's become alot more fun and is the comic relief, the show itself has kinda loosened up and the actors more settled into characters now.

While it is ultra low budget this in turn forces the writing to make up for things, sometimes they hit and sometimes not, but overall it has kept my interest and if i can say...yeah i'll watch next week then it;s given me enough, which this show has.

To anyone thinking of givig it a shot, if you're a fan of genre/culty shows it might entertain you.

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