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I'vew a video cut to music but when i upload to Youtube the music gets censored (Iggy Pop).
But I see some videos with licensed music where they have a link to itunes so you can buy it.
Is this how they get around teh licensing issue? And if so, how do you add that link to a video?

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youtube has a bank of music that you are allowed use for uploading videos. These are the ones that i generally see that are linked to itunes etc. If you go to your video and do swap audio you can see the music that you are permitted to use

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Can you take a little snippit of music and use it as an intro / background type of thing eg say a piece from an Enya song .. on Youtube? Thanks.

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To hell with youtube and their filtering. Youtube is only good for watching other people's videos. Host your own on it's a thousand times better and has no filtering.

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