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Hey, apologies if this topic has already been discussed, but there's an awful lot of posts in the forum.

I have just moved to the US, permanently. Obviously I intend on getting a US drivers license (Indiana state) but I don't want to just go an take the test without any road driving experience. Sadly the local BMV are far from forthcoming with information so I thought I'd give a chance.

Is it possible for my to get insured and drive here using an irish license. I know that generally for new residents with out of state drivers licenses there is a 60 day period where they can use their old license before having to get an Indiana license.....sadly they aren't as clear when it comes to drivers with international licenses.

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It's a bit late for you now but I always advise people to arm themselves with an IDP from the AA in those circumstances.

Some places create a hooha when it comes to insurance and the need to surrender your "foreign" licence; this often helps smooth over problems.

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From the Indiana DMV site:

If you're just visiting the state and have a valid out-of-country license, you may legally drive for up to one year in the state. Keep your license with you at all times.You'll also need an International Driving Permit. Your home country issues these, and they help translate your out-of-country license for U.S. officials.
How to Apply as a Non-Citizen

You must first contact a BMV branch to begin the Central Verification Process (CVP) to confirm your immigration eligibility. If your status is acceptable, the BMV will give you a temporary permit to keep for at least 60 days before applying for your license.
Be prepared to take the following steps once you're ready to apply for your license:

If you're successful in obtaining an operator's license, you may still keep your foreign-issued license.
For more information, call (317) 233-1900.

It seems that if you are only visiting an Irish licence + IDP is accepable (probably don't really need an IDP seeing as our licences are in english and all it is is a translation of your licence not a licence in its own right) but it's unclear how long a new resident from out-of-country can drive on a foreign licence, I'd give them a call on the number above and see if anyone can help. It doesseem from the info givdn that they issue you a temp licence valid for 60 days initially, might be a good idea to go ahead and get this and then you have 2 months to practice for the test. In TX my test consisted of 5 mins driving around the block and parallel parking in a space that would easily fit 2 trucksso I wouldn't get too worried about the road test.

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If you have any clue how to drive you will pass the test no problem.

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decided i should follow up on this now that they situation is resolved.

1. I got an international license, which permitted me to drive here for 60 days.
2. I took my written test, which is even more obvious than the irish one, i have an example below.
3. I took the driving test, and after the examiner discovered that i have been driving for 5 years, we just drove around the block and back to the BMV.
4. Got my indiana license.......

alot easier than i thought.

Example of really obvious test questions.

"Police officers doing routine checks often fear that the driver of a car may be a wanted criminal. When stopped by police should you;
A. Get out of your car and run toward the police officer.
B. When the officer gets to your window, rumage violently in the glove box.
C. Wait until the officer gets out of his car and then speed away.
D. Sit patiently in the car with both hands clearly visible on the steering wheel until the officer approaches and follow his instructions.

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shoppergal1 said:
If you have any clue how to drive you will pass the test no problem.


I could rant for days on the low standards of US driving...

But the bright side is that its an easy place for tourists to drive, and its a great place to drive on the "other" side of the road because they're so slow and forgiving.

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