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Hi all,

Am asking this on behalf of somebody else who's in the farming business...there is a problem with a Ford 4610 tractor.

The theory is that power steering fluid is leaking into the oil. There was a problem before whereby it was thought that diesel was leaking into the oil so the mechanic change all the seals to stop these but lately the problem is reoccuring. After checking today it seems like the power steering fluid is dropping slightly and the oil rising on the dip stick so putting 2 + 2 together....

Is it possible for power steering fluid to get into the oil on this model tractor? The same mechanic who did the first repair said no but the problem is still there.

Sorry if I don't sound like I have a clue what I'm on about but that is indeed the case - I don't!

Thanks in advance for replies

agrostar Registered User

Yeah it a problem with all Fords from the 600 series upto the 10 series models. We used to have a 7810 series 3 that did it. Alls we used to do was refill the power steering resevour with engine oil as it was slightly thicker than the correct fluid to be used. This is also safer as the engine oil does not contaminated with the power steering fluid which might not make it perform as good, it was also handy for us on the 7810 as she was burning a drop of oil and the leaky pump kept her topped up

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gingerGiant Registered User

Just make sure that it is power steering fluid going into the engine and not coolant as i know of 2 6610's that were letting coolant into the oil so be careful that this is not happening, the power steering fluid could be going somewhere else, both of these 6610 had a block that became porous and let the coolant into the oil.

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maidhc Registered User

doubt the oil could be leaking from the PAS pump into the oil. They are completely different circuits... unless oil is leaking past a few seals and past the timing gears. Unlikely but possible I suppose.

As another poster said, make sure it isn't too unrelated probs.

the 3cyl engine doesn't suffer porosity in the same way as the 4cyl in the 6610s. In fact those engines rarely give probs of any description.

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