zimovain Registered User

Rewatched it over the last week and I loved it! Compared to day 6&7 it's a masterpiece. Tony coming back from the outside, the attack on Air Force 1, Jack's on top form and Marwan is a bad ass villian!

Low points would have to be Edgar, awful character! Beruz(sp) and his mothers storyline was a bit dull but it wasn't the worst.

I remember being iffy about the season when it aired originally but having binged on it on dvd I love it!!

KeithM89_old Closed Account

Agreed. I loved season 4 - ranks among one of my favouritesIt was the only season to have all the best characters: Tony, Bill, Logan, Palmer and Mandy

Elmo Registered User

The best part was Vice President Logan becoming president and setting the series up for series 5. But yes it is far better than either 6 or 7.

cooker3 Registered User

Well anything is better than 6. It was ok but it's still 1 of the poorer seasons imo. The whole Marwan just escaping and having 16 different back-up plans got really old. It really felt a bit repetitive.

There in lies the problem 24 had, they topped themselves way to early and after 2 or 3 seasons there was nothing that could happen that could be any worse than before.

A better way of doing it would be something like Lost which was relatively sane the first few seasons before totally going mental in the later seasons. Now to be fair they had their end date for 3 years but still the 24 writers could have saved the nuclear bomb denotation for later than half way through season 2.

I'd take 7 over it as they tried something different. Without season 5, which totally reinvigorated the show I'm pretty convinced there wouldn't have been a season 7 to begin with.

Simon201 Registered User

Having just recently watched all 192 (edit!... of course all 194!!) episodes recently (thanx Xtravision!!) it's kinda hard to say if a season was better or worse than any other. What I thought was that there was great episodes in all seasons and then some slightly laid back (for lack of a better term!) episodes in all seasons. The first few episodes of season 7 were just excellent and it felt so nice and fresh and cool in Washington - almost like they put a kind of blue hue on the film to contrast from the yellowy sunbaked seasons in LA.
But going back to season 4, I loved the bit in episode 7 where Tony comes to save Jack and Audrey. It's like a western or something - he just explodes into the scene!

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