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In French class today we were doing discrimination and along with racism and sexism we did homophobia. It ended up anyway in a pretty passionate debate where the teacher and most of the class expressed their disgust at the fact that civil partnerships don't give equal rights to gay people. One of my best friends (who we will call Mary) was talking about it and she said something along the lines of "It's awful how gay people don't have the same rights as normal people". Cue shocked faces, her horrified realisation and loads of awkward glances in my direction, expecting me to turn on the PC siren any minute. The teacher broke the silence by going "...bit awkward there Mary..."

Sounds a bit boring, but it was priceless at the time! I love my French teacher

Ha, it's an easy mistake to make. I mean, I'm gay and I did something similar. I used to work for a photographer who did a lot of weddings. Someone asked if we got any gay weddings, and I replied, "We'd like to, but we mostly do normal weddings."


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Slang_Tang said:
Ha, it's an easy mistake to make. I mean, I'm gay and I did something similar. I used to work for a photographer who did a lot of weddings. Someone asked if we got any gay weddings, and I replied, "We'd like to, but we mostly do normal weddings."


Hahahaha exactly! A guy in my year who I never talk to drunkenly opened up to me one night about how he's not homophobic at all etc. Anyway, whenever he'd say it it would be like "I have no problem with you being *pause* homosexual..." in case I'd take offence at the word 'gay', haha! I think everyone expects that since I'm part of a minority I'll get thick about everything but I honestly couldn't give a ****

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I don't know wither it was some sort of "titter titter, look at my tits" drink stunt, but I was out one night and this girl approached and said.

"my boyfriend bet that if I let you kiss me, you'll buy me a drink" (or some ****, I forget the original proposition, but it was basically: I find her cute an impulsive: she gets a drink out of me for a snog or else she needs to buy her boyfriend a drink)

I said "you don't wanna take that bet"


"you don;t not going to win that bet"

<cue sad face, but with a hint that she was still in the game>
"you don't think I'm cute"

"no, not really, but don't take it personally, I'm gay"


"I'm Homo-secs-you-al"

<cue game-over face>

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You have to love the Swedes!

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^^^^ Classic!!!


... or even better yet, the only difference between boxers shorts and tight swimming trunks in that one cannot be worn at a public swimming pool.


ha, this is another truism... you can wear the most revealing, leaving-nothing-to-the-imagination grape-crushers, but boxers aren't allowed...

Some of them speedos, you can tell what religion a bloke is when he wears them!!!

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I decided not to outright tell people i was bi but instead to not deny it if the topic were to come up
so when one of my friends was going through a very confused stage in his sexuality the topic came up with him and i said i was bi and because the was no big reveal type thing from me, he though everyone knew except him.
so one day i was with the usual group of friends at the usual hang out area when he come along after one of his lectures and says "its great not being the only bi guy here" to which one of the girls say "but you are the only one" he then just point to me and she just yelled "uppishhauk is bi" in surprise, everyone stopped what they were doing, went silent and looked at me for a sec and went back to what they were doing

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Priceless, It's amazing what people forget when they're put on the spot.
Like maybe shouting out (insert name) is Bi and pointing was an odd thing to do.

(Sorry, this story is a little longer then I first imagined, in reality it only took a few short moment, but it's one of those situational ones that are hard to concisely describe)
My mum had two friends over, one was a woman; a longtime friend who mum knew since their school days and another was a man I've never seen before.

I was cooking in the kitchen, and the topic of me joining the priesthood popped up for some reason (when I was younger I said I always wanted to be a priest). Anyways my mum's friend (let's call her "Mo") shouted over "You wouldn't consider joining the priesthood?"

we had a short exchange, I said "not really, the Irish church isn't really an establishment I'd be comfortable, etc, etc"
Then my mum said "you cant be a priest anyways 'coz you're gay" to which Mo (mildly shocked) interjected "leave the poor man alone!" (assuming my mum was trying to embarrass/insult me). Mum then said "no, he really is gay!" in a sort of assured and a "and what about it?" sort of way.
To which I nodded and made a light hearted joke about it (sensing that these people had never encountered a real homosexual let alone a nonchalant one and that they may actually be homophobic or in disbelief, I didn't want to carry on down the pathway). Now, the interesting bit was just before my Mum and I skillfully turned the subject off of me and gay.
I though I over heard the man at the table say something like "ahh, he'll find a woman yet".

This bugged me. More then I let on. Be weird, fine. Be homophobic, fine. But don't belittle homosexuality as some sort of "phase confused people go through". Don't assume that I will eventually see the light just like when teenagers eventually do after declaring themselves Goths, or Vegan, or Satanists for a month or two. I decided I couldn't let it stand, but that I ought to for the sake of civility.

So I waited for the man to leave, which he did, leaving only my Mum and Mo as I cooked nearby. I knew Mo knew the man quiet well, so I though I'd do a little investigating. I had it all planned out: raise the issue, gently probe, My Mum would be my ally, she'd know when if I went too far or if anything needing careful handling. If I can get away with it, I could belittle the guy(who left)'s stupid ****ing ideas about homosexuality in front of his friend who is still here and I could let them argue over it in their own spare time.

my entire plan instantly collapsed when I looked at the two ladies at the table and said "did that guy say that 'I'd find a woman yet'?... god bless him, he dosn't have much sense"
My Mum looked at me sideways and with wide eyes and said "No, that was Mo who said that"

me: "well here's hoping! " (leaves kitchen)

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One of my best friends and I were about to have a little weed the other day and he was rolling cause I suck at it, but he was using my tobacco. I was getting really fussy about it anyway, "put back some of that tobacco! no, that's not enough! too much weed! not enough! that roach is ****!" etc etc, he just looked at me, smirked and went "Don't be so anal about everything!"

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