Harry Tasker Registered User

I've just seen that Clogherhead's Prawn Festival is holding a World Record Attempt for "The Most People Buried in the Sand Simultaneously"! on Saturday 17th July at 3pm.

Apparently the French currently hold the record with 342 so they're looking for 343 or more (obviously)!! The detail is on www.clogherheadprawnfestival.ie/news .....

Would be great if we could nab this title from the French, wouldn't it?

positron Registered User

Sounds like great fun, I might go!

Here's a working link: http://www.clogherheadprawnfestival.ie/news.html

22moomoo Registered User

Check out the link here too:


It should be a great bit of fun for the kids, (and the big kids too)

NAGGIE03 Registered User

I Loooooooove the sound of this!!

The Davestator Registered User

I must say I'm looking forward to this festival, lots of stuff happening.
Was at carlingford Oyster festival last year and some parts were good but others were a bit 'Father Ted ish'!

Dingatron Registered User

Got my bucket and spade at the ready.

irjudge Registered User

A success. Put the French in the shade with a cool 520 people buried. Most have been dug up again.

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Dingatron Registered User

Yes indeed there was a good crowd and it was organised well. I'm a record breaker!

TheBigFella Registered User

was there today, alot of fun and well organised. Didn't get buried but regret it now

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Elisabeth82 Registered User

Hi everyone! :-)
I too was at the festival, got buried and all, it was loads of fun!!!
(sorry for the Hungarian text below the pictures, they were originally meant for my family)

@The Big Fella: I know how you feel, I went to the Street Performance World Championship in Dublin this year and didn't participate in the world record for most people jumping on space hoppers. Seeing the youtube videos about it, I will deeply regret it for the rest of my life...

@Irjudge: I tried to find how many people got buried but no one could tell me anything official. Is 520 the official result??? Because it just sounds fantastic!!! :-D

Have a nice day everyone! :-)

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revileandy Registered User

I think the official number was 509.

Apparently, there was no-one from guinness world records present so the organisers now have to present all the evidence to them to try to get the record certified.

Dingatron Registered User

I'm fairly sure that they got all the info required from the guinness people. The whole event was documented and filmed from start to finish so there should be no issues. Was out again yesterday at the pier. Pity about the rain but it was good fun none the less.

skipz Registered User

great craic all weekend!

Elisabeth82 Registered User

Hi revileandy,
thanks for all the info! :-) No wonder I could't find it anywhere if it is not official yet. Strange, that no one from Guiness World Records was there, isn't it?
Anyway, we know that we did it!!! :-)
Have a nice day!

Gloomtastic! Do Not Be Afraid.....

My dog didn't win a prize at the dog show but otherwise an excellent event.

Was going to go bungee jumping but the price was a bit steep. Watching them afterwards I'm kind of glad anyways. How many are waking up this morning suffering whiplash? They were being thrown around like rag dolls.

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