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I have and am very happy with a Samsung and a Philips LCD tv.

I'm now looking for a small LCD for bedroom possibly one with built in DVD.
I'm restricted to approx 22 but need to check actual space.

What would you recommend?


Hi Mike.GTI

TV's with built in DVD are very hard to find now days.

Philips dont produce any but check out the spec for our little 22PFL3404 below -

We sell this TV for €279.99.

You can pretty much plug any DVD player into this either via SCART or HDMI depending on the DVD player.

We have DVD players starting from €49.99 for the DVP3520
As you can see it's a pretty compact machine.

Both these are on display ion The Philips Shop.

Maybe the Richer Sounds guys might have a few options for you as well - try Dave or Kenny 0044 333 900 0071.


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