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Long story short, I was not paying attention yesterday and left 100 euro in an ATM in a supermarket. I took my card and walked away (ya, I’m an idiot). It wasn’t until about 3 hours later I realised what I had done.

I was talking to a guy about it last night and he said that if there was no one behind me (and there wasn’t) and no one took it, that an ATM machine is designed to take the money back in after 20 seconds or something…. Can anyone confirm if this is true? If so, I can call the bank and ask if their ATM is over by 100 quid and I might be able to get my money back…




I don't think so. I know of two people who found cash sticking out of an ATM when there was nobody else about.

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I was pretty sure it did
in any case you can ring and ask OP, i was at an atm once where the cash just didn't come out and they told me it would be in my account again the next day - it was


Maybe it depends on the bank, or ATM model.

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Some models at least suck it back in. Not sure if they all do it though. Contact your bank and they'll be able to check.

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Called the bank (FYI - if this happens to you, don't call the bank that the ATM belongs to, you need to call your own branch where your account is). They confirmed that the machine takes the money back in (if no one took it) and that they will kick off the request with the ATM bank to balance the machine. If its over by 100 euro, i'll get the moeny back. should take about 2 weeks...

Will let you guys know the outcome..

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I recall this happening to me a couple of years ago. The money was very quickly credited back to my account (same day, i think) without me doing anything. That was probably drawing money from a BOI account from a BOI ATM, so maybe inter-bank methods take longer.

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i used to work on this side of things. Contact your own bank and they will get onto the bank running the ATM. they will have a report of transactions like what happened in your case. Can take a few days if its a different bank.

This is all cool as long as some one behind you at the ATM didnt pocket the money after you had gone.

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nipplenuts said:
I don't think so. I know of two people who found cash sticking out of an ATM when there was nobody else about.

This happened me.

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TestTransmission said:
This happened me.

Did this by any chance happen on the 3rd of june in a shopping centre -,-

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Catsmokinpot said:
Did this by any chance happen on the 3rd of june in a shopping centre -,-

No,would you believe It must of been about 11pm in Limerick City centre on a Saturday night,was on my way to the pub.There was an ATM with 40 quid just sticking out of it.


I've alos heard that machines do take the money back after a period of time, but I don't think it's as low as 20 seconds. More like 1-2 minutes, or perhaps longer. Anyone could have come along in that time, and you wouldn't have seen them. If that particular machine doesn't take the money back, then it's definitely gone.

Don't be counting on getting that money back. More than likely it's gone, but if you do get it back, then happy days.

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I heard last night from someone who works in BOI that not refunding the money was completely deliberate - apparently there was some some scam going on for years where some "customers" were holding onto the top and bottom notes while the rest of the cash was recalled by the ATM. This was a deliberate software change to reduce fraud!

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I passed an ATM in Ballybrack that had a saucy little 20 euro note just saying.. 'take me'. As I reached for it, the machine took it in. Ulsterbank machine, as far as I can remember.

The customer I reckon was less than 30 seconds away from the machine too. He was the only other person there.

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