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I have recently moved again!!! I was living with my Mum and she moved to Meath so I had to change the address of my claim which still hasn't come through after waiting 7 months. A month ago I started getting payments from the CWO but still no sign of JSA coming through.
I moved back to Louth to live with my Dad. Do I go straight to the CWO in the area or should I go to the Social Welfare Office?
I am over 25.

uoluol Registered User

Well, it's obvious if you think about it. You are waiting for a claim to be authorised by Social Welfare ....... so logic would tell you to contact your local office and tell them you have moved. How would they be able to contact you if you have moved

So, yes, go to your local SW office, tell them you have a claim pending, and that you wish to change address. THEN go to the local CWO who may be able to give you funding while waiting for your claim to be processed.

notsobusy Registered User

The only thing is that my dad doesn't have a lease in the apartment he lives in. He just pays cash everymonth. So what would I do for a lease agreement!?

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