Orby Registered User

Where is the cheapest place to buy cake boards

Eviledna Registered User

I found sqires kitchen online pretty cheap for them, cheaper than kitchen compliments!

Sigma Force Registered User

I'm sure I saw some in a 2 Euro shop the other day, worth checking out.

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Orby Registered User

Thanks for the replies.

I tried a 2euro store today and two other random 'pound' shops but no luck.

Regarding squires kitchen - how are they for postage?

DreamC Registered User

Try bakeries. Sometimes you can buy or order cake boards there.

tootired Registered User

Try www.cake-stuff.co.uk , not too bad on postage but watch the weight of the items. I think they're probably the cheapest web site for most items. I've also emailed www.decobake.com for prices, Decobake is an Irish company and is very reasonable for roll out icing, so I'm hoping their prices for cake boards is reasonable too.

washiskin Registered User

Conaty's Catering Supplies in Navan sold me a pack of 10" round boards for €8or something like that. 5 in the pack.


I get mine from Decobake and a random local shop that stocks everything, ridiculously cheap boards, it's great.

Sigma Force Registered User

Where abouts is Decobake Spadina?


It's in Kildare, think it's in Clane.

washiskin Registered User

The business park on the Kilcock road in Clane. Open Saturday's 10-4. Special opening offer on Renshaws Brilliant White Fondant 5kg - €11.

Star J Registered User

Hi all - does anyone know of any other sites/shops to buy cake boxes & boards? Or are the ones mentioned above the best options?

nesbitt Registered User

Heatons, Home Store & More, Larger Tescos... If just for home baking. Not sure about cheapest if you are doing batches of cakes.

Sigma Force Registered User

Heatons had them for a Euro

Star J Registered User

Thanks for that - They're so expensive in most shops & much cheaper online - I'd prefer to test out the online ones before buying them in bulk...

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