kerash Registered User

I joined - the page is dedicated to him rather than slagging him. Anyhow a lady asked him if he knew he was on facebook and he posed for a pic with her. Jesus of the bypass is bringing the people of longford together! Praise Jesus!

dollydimples82 Registered User

SeanW said:
Hmm ... And I must agree, it really is pathetic and lame, at best. According to the letter, there are 1099 regular viewers of that facebook page, if they're all individuals from Co. Longford, then I estimate 1 in 30 of us have nothing better to do than follow this one individual. It makes no sense.

its not really that there are 1099 regular viewers, pages or groups are set up and people join if you like that group/page. I have joined several pages & groups on facebook, eg: light a candle for someone you lost, because that means something to me, not because i want to stalk someone. I joined a group called mcguiness shop longford because i know it and thought it was cool he had his own page, not because i wanted to make a laugh of him.I did join Jesus of the bypass because i seen him and thought he looked like jesus, i joined and never even looked at his page, Its nothing sinister or stalking its just a fun group set up for entertainment and really is not causing any harm to the man in question or anyone.

SeanW Registered User

I never said it was a question of harm. I accept that it seems to be all good fun, esp if the man is aware of the page and takes no offense.

I just think it's all a little bit lame.

pauro 76 Registered User

Jesus of the Bypass has made it on the Sunday World, page 51. Living in London and didn't know about it, I'm in one of the pics. Article not on the website though...

bandra8126 Registered User

Maybe he is Longfords own Forest Gump , remember when forest was running and the people followed him and he grew a long beard ! maybe he only intended to go as far as homebase , but decided to carry on to ballinalee road - we should all follow him and get on RTE News .

somuj Registered User

The guy shaved off his hair and beard when he discovered he was being refered to as "Jesus".

I wonder why

The lack of knowledge in this wonderful county never ceases to amaze me

good logs... Registered User

just to let yous all know when someone dies from that part of the world its a tradition not to shave for awhile , if its some one close....

antocann Registered User

any one know what happend to jesus

truesmiles Banned

Didn't he get a haircut or something?

wolfeye Registered User

Haven't seen him since good fri for some reason

Knit wit Registered User

Afaik he was an asylum seeker (Iraqi maybe?) living in Richmond hostel ... When the hostel closed all the residents were relocated. Funny I was only thinking about him the other day ... He was a legend.

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