peteandjenn Registered User

Just heard Flor Griffin are closing its shop in Mallow and they are to have a closing down sale which starts Wednesday at 7.30am. I won't be able to make it BUGGER!!

rebel girl 15 Moderator

I'll defo look at that, thanks for the heads up - I was in there Saturday but must have missed the signs

psychozeb Registered User

went in yesterday to suss out if there was anything of interest and not a whole pile caught the eye.they'll probably only reduce stuff to normal sale prices anyway.

iisollie Registered User

if its the usual Flor Griffin sale forget about it -

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Flor Griffen: Harvey Norman's equally annoying Irish twin

jacool Registered User

norrie rugger said:
Flor Griffen: Harvey Norman's equally annoying Irish twin

- but quieter

2smiggy Registered User

any thing any good in there ? only seen this now

vector Registered User

What happened to the Flor Grifin brand? It used to be a household name, advertising constantly on 96fm... did they leave parnell place? that was great for parking and collecting stuff

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