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I wonder could somebody offer me some advice. I am 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant. On Monday I had a beta hcg done to confirm my pregnancy and my levels came back at 361 which I was told was a good result. I decided to have a repeat beta hcg done 2 days later which was yesterday, for peace of mind but my levels were only at 596. The nurse I spoke to said that HCG typically rises every 48 to 72 hours and that my result was fine but I did loads of research online and it says that within 72 hours the levels should definitely double - I worked mine out based on my results so far and within 72 hours I would only be at 713 instead of 722 which is double.

Girls can anyone offer any advice? Do you think my levels are fine or do you think I should have another beta done? I am going out of my mind with worry. I have little or no symptoms bar backache. I had a miscarriage two years ago and had no symptoms then either.


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Try not to worry, pregnancy isn't an exact science and there is no rule book to say that your BHcG will be exactly double, it is just a rough guide. The most important thing is that YOUR LEVELS ARE RISING!! This is a sure sign that the pregnancy is going forward and not backwards

The internet can tell you so much and make you think that there are problems when there aren't!

4 weeks and 5 days is a little early to be getting symptoms. Most people wouldn't even know tha they are pregnant at this stage. Give it another couple of weeks and see how you go.

I understand how terrifying it is to be pregnant after a miscarriage because I was there myself not too long ago. However, I spent the whole pregnancy worrying when I should've been enjoying the experience. I am a midwife too so I had seen so much go wrong in pregnancies that I found it hard to concentrate on all the pregnancies that went well, and believe me, they far outnumbered the bad stories.

My husband had a great outlook on the pregnancy, his motto was 'Pregnant until proven otherwise'! My advice would be not to go looking for problems and just try and enjoy feeling well. If you are going to miscarry again, there is unfortunately nothing you can do to prevent it.

My pregnancy after the miscarriage went well, very well infact. Very few symptoms and a perfectly healthy little girl who is now 4 months old.

Fingers crossed you'll be fine, just relax and enjoy the little miracle thats growing inside you

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I never got the levels tested, i did however know i was pregnant 2 weeks after conception (4 weeks after i stoped the pill) because i get a rotten taste in my mouth. Thats the first sign i get when i fall pregnant.

Best of luck

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Hopeful, as Crazy Cat Lady said, the important thing is that your levels are RISING and rising well so TRY not to worry that it's not exactly double etc. It's also too early to really have symptoms yet, don't worry, I'm sure they'll kick in over the next few weeks and you'll be wishing for the normality of these days! Have you asked for an early scan? I am pregnant after a long history of infertility and miscarriages and the hospital scanned me at 6/7 weeks and it really is wonderfully reassuring. Take care and very, very best of luck.

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Thanks so much for your replies. You have put my mind at ease....to a certain degree. I don't think I will be able to fully relax until I have my first scan which is the week after next at 6.5 weeks.

Can I ask you should I have one final hcg done? I am booked for one tomorrow at 10:30am (again for peace of mind) but do you think I would be mad to have another one done or will I just open a fresh can of worms again?

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I wouldn't bother getting it done. You might not get the result that you want, even tho it may well be perfectly normal! However, you might get the result that puts your mind at ease... I guess only you can decide

Once you have the first scan you'll be very reassured. There's something about that little flicker that makes everything real.

I'm afraid you'll probably be a bag of emotions and nerves for the whole pregnancy. Even once the little one starts kicking you'll be panicky if he or she doesn't kick for a while! You will always find something to worry about and you'll always be thinking of the worst case scenario. Just try and relax! Easier said than done I know, but its the best advice anyone is going to give you

Good luck and let us know how you get on

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Due to having two previous misscarraiges, my gynae ordered Hcg tests to be done three times with a two day gap inbetween each one. It had risen between the first and the second but hadnt doubled but between the second and the third it more than tripled!!! I thought I must be having twins I was told that as long as the levels were rising significantly it was a good thing! I have everything crossed that all goes well for you xx

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Hi Girls,

I have had a couple more betas done and would really appreciate your advice on what you think?

First Beta - 16dpo - 361
Second Beta - 18dpo - 596
Third Beta - 20dpo - 1689
Fourth Beta - 25dpo - 10,200

Do you think these levels are rising as they should be? I seem to be worry constantly and the fact that I have no major pregnancy symptoms is freaking me out.

Any advice really greatly appreciated.

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I don't know much about HCG levels, but I know that once they are rising at all, it's good.

Lots of women don't get the big dramatic symptoms, I didn't. Major doses of tiredness at the end of the first trimester were the only evidence I had that I was pregnant, so try not to worry. Worrying will only put you under stress and that's not good for you or the baby.

There really is no keeping us happy - we complain when we have symptoms and worry when we don't!

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They look perfect to me!

I tried looking in some of my midwifery text books to see what normal levels are for this stage of the pregnancy and they all seem to say that there should be a significant increase and should approxiamately double every 48-72 hours.

Your levels seem to be flying up so try and relax! You'll feel much better after your scan I'm sure.

Don't worry about bot having any symptoms yet! For most people they don't begin until around 6 weeks. You might not get any symptoms at all.

I know after losing a baby you can get a bit irrational and you expect the worst. On my first pregnancy my boobs were so painful it was just awful! Then when I got pregnant again my boobs were only sore if I gave them a good poke, I was poking at my boobs 100 times a day! I must've looked like a right wierdo! Then I got my friend on board too who I work with, so she'd be poking at me too! I think my point here is that I was expecting the same symptoms as the first pregnancy when in fact I didn't really get any and everything worked out fine

Try and be positive and cherish the little miracle growing in your belly

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