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Starts on TG4 tonight at 12.15am

I think Season 1 ran before on the channel so this might be Season 2


Didn't Lifetime give AW a fourth and fifth season?

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Lifetime US are currently showing season 4

Bujinkan Portlaoise

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The ads I've seen for it (the doctor and mentally unstable army dude) I've seen those episodes before so not sure which season this is...maybe the first? Unless they are starting off showing the first one again?


Now it gets an official fifth season, with Drop Dead Diva renewed for a third (i don't watch either show):


Living seem to have abandoned the series. They have not shown season 3 yet.


Season 5 kicks off March 6th


AW has been renewed for a sixth season by Lifetime (not a shock really)


Two hour premiere tonight for S6, not my kinda show.


Season 7 returns March 10th....lots of new characters/actors added....seems like a reboot. The fired alot of theold actors as they were contracted for six seasons and naturally want pay rises. So Lifetime kicked them all to the curb. Torrey Devito also cast:

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