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does anybody know how to retore your macbook without the cd???? i lost the cd and i need to retore to factory settings

if you can help


snappieT Registered User

You can get a copy of the disc off a friend, and it'll work. Alternatively, buy Snow Leopard and get an upgrade as part of the process (I'm assuming you're on Leopard atm)

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im not shure weather i have snow leppard on my mac:S i have mac osx 10.6.3

Sad Professor Information Retrieval

Yeah, 10.6 is Snow Leopard. You are fully up-to-date.

You can't "reset" your Macbook without an install disc. What's wrong that you want to do this?

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im selling my mac just want to do it propper so its new the way they want it

muggyog Registered User

Create new administrator account ( new user ) and delete all other user accounts including old admin a/c.

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how do you create a new user on a mac?? iv logged out but there is no option to make a new user ??

Type 17 Registered User

Log in

Go to System Preferences > Accounts

Click the lock and enter your admin password

Click on the + symbol below the list of users on the left

Create a new admin account called Spare or Maintenance or similar

Ensure that you have copied/back up all of the info that you need, as you're about to delete it all. Don't forget the contents of email accounts and bookmarks of all browsers as well as the obvious docs, music and pics.

Log out of your current user account and log back in under the new Spare account.

In the Accounts System Preference, select the user account that you want to delete and click on the - (minus) symbol under the list of users. Choose the delete option, and go and make tea - it may take up to 30 mins to finish deleting, if you had a lot of data.

Note that you won't have deleted the third-party apps that are installed, such as Photoshop etc, so decide whether you want to keep the discs and pass on the installed copies to the new owner (illegal), or either pass on the discs and licence keys, or delete the installed copies and keep the discs and licence keys for your new Mac (legal).

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cheers for that mate great help

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please help

its not letting me delete my current account and i have created 2 new accounts and im clicking the minus sign !!!

please help

Sad Professor Information Retrieval

A V A said:
please help

its not letting me delete my current account and i have created 2 new accounts and im clicking the minus sign !!!

please help

Are you logged in under one of the new accounts when you are trying this? And have you made one of those accounts an admin?

A V A Banned

yes im logged out and how do you make them a admin when i click the lock at the bottom its asks me the admin code of my other main account which i used before

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