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Hi I'm thinking about a drastic hair colour change. I've naturally quite dark brown hair and really dark eyebrows but I'm sick of having dark hair and wanna go blonde! There's so many shades and whatnot though, I'm thinking maybe a cool blonde?

Here's a (terrible) pic of me, tell me what you think!



Tell you what I think of the pic ? I'd love to But you're looking for advice on hair colour. I think you could easily pull of blonde, maybe with a shorter cut it would look great.

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Going blonde with hair that dark will take a bit of time, and a lot of maintenance! Unless you get an overall colour, you'll have to get a few sessions of highlights to get to blonde. You'll have to get it done at a hairdressers every time too, I'd say, as I imagine you're too dark for a home colour to work.

Make an appointment for a consultation with a hairdresser sure. See what they think. Or try here http://www.taaz.com/makeover.html.

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i reckon that it'll take time unless you bleach it to high heaven and cut it short.... but your face could take that....


You're a gorgeous girl and could easily pull it off.

I think ice blond would be lovely. I probably wouldn't go for a caramel/toffee blond. I think a white-ish blond with a funky cut would be wicked.

I have very dark hair too and went blond a few years ago. be warned thatit's expensive to keep up and a pain in the arse dealing with roots, hairdresers etc
Also, dark eyebrows look a bit odd with blaond hair. It lookd very unnatural.
Think of Noel Gallaghers ex wife (Meg Matthews I think her names was). Her eyebrows used to scare me!!

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Ice blond for sure. A bit like the colour Pixie Geldof had for her Henry Holland photoshoot

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You actually look really nice as a brunette, but I think you could pull off blond too. I'd go to the hairdressers though. I wouldn't try it yourself. I'm, a brunette too, and I've done reddish and black (BIG mistake ) myself at home, but for anything drastic, I'd get it done professionally.

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