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Check out Sean Og's music video. It was shot in Galway city & Salthill. Features Dessie O'Halloran, John O'Halloran and Sharon Shannon's musical dogs.

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Xiney Registered User
#2 he serious?

M.Pool Registered User

Halarious, those hash clouds from Iceland are definitely having an effect on the west.



Best music video I've seen in ages!!

J o e Registered User

The Damien Dempsey of the west!

Xiney said: he serious?

Yeah seems to be!

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dafunk Registered User

Not for me. My sense of humour appreciates a bit of intellect to the comedy.

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doubleglaze Registered User

I love the video - well done.

Add me to the list of those clamoring to have their dog included in the next video!

Mutt sez he'll work in exchange for a scratch on the belly.


Dessie outside the Crane.
Put on a pint for me there..... I can taste it already.

M.Pool Registered User

the swan's choreography on the Claddagh, class.

ronnie3585 Registered User

What a load of balls.

mHughes Registered User


topper75 Registered User

Creativity. Ireland is crying out for it. And not just in music. Well done.

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civis_liberalis Registered User

Complete nonsense.

muppetkiller Registered User

That's right up there with Crystal Swing for me ...embarrassing rubbish.

brianthebard Registered User

teh was that?

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