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bullpost said:
Remember getting a funky one around that time that played the Yellow Rose of Texas when you pressed a button.
Used to annoy the hell out of people with it.

Yeah me too searched everwhere to get one that played the yellow rose of texas ended up getting it in Woolworths

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Run_to_da_hills said:
In School I always one of those Sam Casey look alike watches if anyone remembered the TV series Gemini Man. It was red and would make him invisible.

I ended up with a similar one which only lasted about 6 months and fell apart. My old Timex wind up lasted about three years. I never went back to digital since.

Yeah used to pretend my digital watch made me invisible when I pressed the light button lol

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Lawrence1895 Registered User

I had one as well, a calculator on it and the size of a box of smokes...until I found out, that '50m waterproof' was actually 50cm

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Great thread,

I had a Pacman watch (Nelsonic) when I was younger, and a calculator one.

In my teens, in early 90s I got a Casio Databank as a present, which was deadly!

Also had a few cheapies that transformed into planes and a robot and stuff . .

Thems were the days

Amalgam Registered User

Remember the Casio watches with the blue marlin?

Not many features, but I felt so damn proud of it as a kid!

Quite probably this very model..

My Dad bought it for me in a Tube station, somewhere in London. Then mysteriously delivered by a bearded person dressed in red..

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marwelie Registered User

I had a digital watch which had a calculator and a game on it where you had to match the numbers on the screen with the numbers on the ridiculously small key pad on the watch before they got to the end of the screen. Was incredibly naff when you think about it now but at the time I thought it was the height of sophisication.

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