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"Seven" was a thrilling and suspenseful crime crescendo

FortuneChip Registered User

"A Simple Plan" was a smart almost indie-thriller. Not quite the mystery that Mystic River was or anything, but very character based. Haven't seen it in a good while, should try pick it up.

"Memento" really is the front runner though.

The Pontiac Registered User

Two good mystery thrillers..


In the Valley of Elah...

Dr. Fell Registered User

longshanks said:
Maybe have yourself a search for 'lone star'.
While you're at it have a look for 'stander'.

Was going to recommend Lone Star. One of the best films of the 90's

Dr. Fell Registered User

The original Dutch/French "The Vanishing"
The terrifying French "Them"
Speilbergs "Duel"
The original "The Day of the Jackal"
Southern Comfort
Rear Window
Marathon Man

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