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Any of you gentlemen play Minecraft?
It's an Block-based indie construction rpg, currently in alpha, being developed by a swede called Notch. It has a large online community and can be played offline in survival mode as well. It cost's only 9€ for the full version, which gives you access to the latest version of InDev, which has many features that regular survival mode doesn't. I seriously recommend checking it out: http://minecraft.net

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I love the blocky feel of it. Reminds me of the first Dungeon Keeper game from Bullfrog.

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just started playing this and loving it. absolute pure sandbox.

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I haven't downloaded the game, but just checked out the stats..! wow.. copied from site: In the last 24 hours, 12876 people registered, and 4613 people bought the game.

The guy is a single developer just making this game, he must be in high heaven at the moment with sales like that. fair play to him!

quarryman Registered User

Just finished a 4 hour stint there. Amazing game.

If your stats are right, he's made €46000 in the last 24 hours so!

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ya its a great little game id definitely recommend it


What exactly do you do in it?

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What exactly do you do in it?

You dig, and you build.

Think of it as a giant lego set or something. With monsters.

Notch had his account frozen recently because paypal were suspicious of the amount of money flowing in. Apparently there was more than 600,000 euro in there. Definitely not bad for a guy hacking away by himself.

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Can't wait to get this game.

This video made me laugh:

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My son asked could he get the game and after reviewing it we got it for him.
He plays a lot of gary's mod but now prefers this.
I've had a go myself and it's a enjoyable game, the graphics are on par with Hexen and the first of the Daggerfall games.

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I can't get the fire to stay, it flashes for a moment then stops (online).


From the site:

Minecraft got way too popular for this humble server. I've had to disable everything fancy to even get it to run. It went down on Saturday, September 18.
It will probably go back to normal on Tuesday, September 21. I hope.

If your launcher is giving you download errors, please update the launcher by downloading the latest version from this page.

The following things do not work at the moment:
Registering an account
Purchasing the game
User verification for online servers
Sounds and music for new players
The following does work:
Actually playing the game
Player skins
Until this all gets sorted out, I'm officially calling a "free-to-play weekend", or however long this will take to fix. You will need to have a paid account to play it later on when this gets fixed though.
If you want to keep track of the latest developments, please follow my blog. I also post stuff on my twitter, but there's a lot of nonsense there as well.

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Fecking Gabe, my son has been happily playing minecraft for the last 3 weeks and now this.
The cheek, how dare they popularise a homebrew game to the extent this happens


Just got it there, and I am lost I am running around stabbing cubes of muck.

Anyone play this on a server online?

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