Friday 24th Feb
5 miles easy around corkagh park, nice to be getting some light in the evenings.

Sat 25th Feb

15.5 miles in pheonix park, work this morning and the legs werent feeling great stiff and tired, so took a couple of miles to get into the run. Tried to take the group off road and along some trails but that didnt go down to well. After 3 miles in I wasnt feeling great and just stuck to the front of the group , if i ran at the back I think I might have drifted off the pace never to be seen again. Recovered a little between 5-10 miles. From 10-13 I may have run a little fast with Jcsmum and paid for that later in the run. Legs were totally gone from 14 mile kept going to 15.7 but stopped at this point.

15.7 miles @ 9:15

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Sunday 26th Feb
5 mile recovery run today, legs were very tight today but nothing major.


Monday 27th Febuary
Rest day, legs were shot today after the weekends run my left hamstring and c**f didnt feel great. I was more doms then injury but took the day off to be safe.

Tueday 28th Febuary
Legs a lot better today hamstring is 100% and the other area of the leg perfect also. Picked up a new pair of runners today decided to go all retro with the old Kayano 16's. Tried on a few new pair but if it's aint broken don't fix it. Not going to risk the 18's until after london because they seem to have changed a bit to much from the 17s.

6 miles easy along the canal.


Wed 29th Feb
2 mile warm up easy along the lucan road, legs were feeling a little stiff but had been sititng in the office for 10 hours so that could be a factor. Plan today was 5X3 mins with 1 mins easy recovery.
Not really sure what happend on the first rep, didnt feel any slower then the second but the garmin seems to suggest it was very slow.

3 mins @ 8:01
3mins @ 7:35
3mins @ 7:23
3mins @7:23
3 mins @ 7:24
Not to bad a sesson felt really good on the last two reps but kept the pace down. Finished off with a 2 mile easy jog back to the office to finish some work......

Might need to push back my long run to sunday as i'm planning asports massage on Friday but will see how the legs feel.

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Larry Brent Registered User

Great sess, good on ya boy.


Larry Brent said:
Great sess, good on ya boy.

Was happy enough felt good today once I got going, Would have been easy to get carried away with the pace but not doing anything mad for the next 7/8 weeks.
Will learn a lot more for the next 2 long runs.


Thursday 1st March
9 miles easy 50% road/Grass mix. Legs felt tight but have been a lot worse.

Friday 2nd March
Alarm went off at 6am to get out the door for a run as it would be the only time i'd get out today, 7:30 and finally got out of bed . Had a sports massage this afternoon so will give the run a skip for the day. Its only a missed recovery run. The Legs are a little beat up so need to let them recover this evening. Think I'll need a few more before London.


Sat 3rd March
5 miles recovery run today, legs are feeling a lot better. Kept the pace nice and easy. Only down side of the run was that the motocross guys decided to leave their feilds and come into mine. It's not nice running into traffic in the park /


Sunday 4th March
18 mile this morning, talked the brother into doing a couple of easy miles around Malahide castle, After 8-9 miles left the park and did a loop of Malahide/Portmarnock via the coast road. Got to 15-16 miles and the wheels fell off a little so that last 2 miles around the castle again were really hard work. Was half expecting this as I was only on h2o for todays run. Will start to play with gels from next week.

18 miles @ 9:30


Monday 5th March.
5 mile easy recovery run tonight, started out legs felt great but after a mile could feel yesterdays run was still there. Kept the pace nice and easy. Feeling 100 time better than they did this time last week.


Tuesday 6th March
When I got the plan for the week this session was one I couldn't wait to do, but was glad that it was early in he week when the legs would be a little tired.
Felt a little stiff today but nothing major. The plan was for 2 mile warm-up and 4X1mile @ 7:50 with 1 mins jog recovery and a 2 mile warm down.

Felt a little sluggish on the warm-up wind and rain had just started but wasn't to bad. Once I got going I found the first mile hard work took the legs a long time to get going but once they did felt very strong. Decided to do the session in the back feild of Corkagh so wind was a bit of an issue for half the lap and the down wind section was up hill.
Had to slow myslef down midway through the 3rd rep as the pace was getting a little to fast and had to keep an eye on it again on the 4th.

1 X mile 7:51
1Xmile 7: 38
1X mile 7:37
1Xmile 7:41

1.8 mile warm-down felt hard legs were a little tired.

8.2 miles for the day.


Good running take it very handy tomorrow. Are you just doing a recovery run?


TheRoadRunner said:
Good running take it very handy tomorrow. Are you just doing a recovery run?

Yep very easy 5 miles tomororw.


Wed 7th March
5 miles easy long the canal tonight, didnt wear my garmin and kept the pace really easy.


Thursday 8th March
10 miles today in Corkagh taking the route into the Knackers feild, it makes almost exactly a 5 mile loop that works nice. Had theRoadrunner for company for the first 5 miles and the second lap on my own. Pace for the seond lap was a bit faster than the first but was just feeling great today, had to keep an eye on the garmin to make sure i wasnt running to fast.

10 miles @ 8:45

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